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[:RU]How do the nails in Belarus[:]

[:RU]In a country known for its combines and «BelAZ», and many are not aware of the existence of another brand. Not everyone knows that the Belarusian hardware more than a dozen years, happy to use builders around the world. «One in five nail in our vineyards — Rechitsa» — dealers like to say in Italy when they come to the Rechitsa Hardware Plant for the next production batch. The French, Austrians and Czechs buy Rechitsa nails to build houses, piers and bridges.

Let’s see how to do nails in Belarus.

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Manufacture of nails in Rechitsa more than a century. It began in 1912 put the famous in the whole district landowners Boris and Vladimir Ricky. Then, their company employs a total of 28 workers, which comes in 30 pounds of product per day. Copies of the first Rechitsa hardware can now be found in the factory museum «nail».

The war of 1914 not only violated the plans of the brothers, on the other hand — given the confidence to stand on their feet the young enterprise. The War Department provided Ricky loans for the purchase of equipment for the manufacture of so necessary at the time of barbed wire.

Having grown rich during the First World to the «thorn», after the war, Ricky started successfully continued. The staff of the plant increased production volumes grow.

Then came the revolution, nationalization, occupation, devaluation … the days when the factory produced springs for mattresses, metal crib toy and other consumer goods. But the plant has maintained its face.

Today it produces more than 140 kinds of special nails and bolts, nuts, screws, screws, rivets … In a month the assembly line goes up to 11 thousand. Tons of hardware.

Their production — is not so simple, how it might seem. Create a high-strength fasteners — troublesome.

It all starts in the wire shop. It comes rolled. Bring it to the BMZ. It is not easy. Ten years ago it was a special compound developed by experts of the two plants together with scientists of the National Academy of Sciences.

As a result, the quality of the incoming raw materials to the company significantly improved, which increased export performance. They are here. After all, the entire annual requirement of Belarus metiz factory is able to perform only a few weeks of work. Therefore, Rechitsa Hardware understand that without a stable export sales the company did not live.

However, today to worry about the enterprise is not a lot: in the countries of CIS and foreign countries sent 80% of the plant output. But we can not relax, close to the hardware market competition is huge. Therefore, the goods must be of very high quality.

The heart of the company — nail shop. At the moment of the new German machines Wafios company flies to 900 nails. Lower the head at this point in the bunker with hardware is not recommended.

«Look how the geometry of what his body,» — twirling in his hand 100mm ersheny nail head of the bureau of information and advertising enterprise Vladimir Zhelezko.

We are not local, so do not understand the lyrics. But we honestly tried to find a steel product excellent.

«But that’s not quite nail» — interrupts our efforts Zhelezko. «In order to become one, he must literally go through fire, water and copper pipes,» — continues the director of high poetry. And it leads us to the warmest place in the factory — to the hardening furnaces.

The internal temperature — 900 degrees. To the metal is not oxidized in the furnace serves endogas. After this glowing hardware fall into a special quenching oil, then washed and heated again, but at a lower 145 degrees.

Now the hardware is ready. But that he lived for decades and rusted under the influence of rain, snow and wind, it needs protection. The company has two ways to extend the age metiz: apply to him by zinc electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing.

In line electrogalvanic covering hardware poured into drums and dipped in a special solution — electrolyte. Through it passes an electrical current, which takes away from the zinc plate zinc particles and transfers them to the wire products. Ultra slim layer of zinc provides with the MPE.

The final stage — washing and drying.

All these operations are performed by the operator-electroplating. The work is not easy, but in the shop mostly women.

This box weighs 12 kg. For such change is necessary to raise hundreds.

«Guys do not stand up, run away» — smiles Tatiana Mezhevich. In this workshop, she has been working for 30 years.

— Harmful production, and you are half of my life …

— As soon pension — worker jokes.

As an argument, it causes good in comparison with other workers post salary of 5 million rubles and rather hefty benefits package. «Where else in Rechitsa find it? Only oil. So in fact to go and Hit «- says Tatiana.

Another way to add longevity metiz — hot-dip galvanizing. For this purpose nails, bolts and nuts are immersed in the molten zinc tank. This type of coverage is considered to be more durable.

«Covering two micron product provides an extra year of life. The strength of this nut, galvanized by hot dip galvanizing — 80 microns, which means that 40 years it is not afraid of any corrosion or rust «, — says Vladimir Zhelezko.

Three years ago, at the Rechitsa Hardware Plant built a new hot-dip galvanizing plant. Modern equipment allows to put sverhstoykoe anticorrosive coating design up to 12.5 m and weighing up to 8 tons.
Now Rechitsa Hardware Zinc everything from strikers highways, gas and water supply pipe to the pylons.

The sight of something else. In a huge tub of 500 tons of molten zinc up to 500 degrees. When the frame is lowered to a huge construction details, suddenly remembered the last frames of «Terminator 2». It seems that she was not coming back. But after a few minutes — and already shining on the surface of galvanized construction.

Line for production of machine nails for Pneumatic — another innovation that allows the plant to look to the future. Rechitsa Hardware is the only manufacturer of such products in the country.

In the future, considering the company not only to master the production of hardware and fasteners, and metal structures. This ambitious and not entirely a profile plan metiznikov not bother. The plant does not see any reason to abandon projects that promise real profit.

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