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[:RU]What’s walk and dress up in Kuwait[:]

[:RU]Persian Gulf — a place where certainly never born fashion designer or a designer. Everything that is connected with the clothes of the Arabs invented centuries ago and has remained unchanged for centuries. The fact that the national costume — male or female — is the best option in the desert robes and heat. Each element has its own value, and under the cut I will talk about this in detail …

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What can be taken for male «dress», it is actually a shirt called dishdashas. It’s light, always without a belt for better ventilation, and long sleeves that protect against sunburn.

White dishdashas — is the official parade-output version of the garments in the summer. The white color reflects the sun, and its purity shows that a person dressed for an important occasion, and not to work. Light gray shirt, by contrast, the variant type casual. Warm dishdashas sewn from fabric with the addition of wool and they are generally dark colors:


Pockets and collars — European fashion trend. In ancient times, the Bedouins did not have anything that can be put in a pocket on the chest:


A typical for the winter:


As the insulation is very popular vest. They are, however, looks modern shirts, though no less «old» in the sense of traditional costume:


As for the headdress, here, too, everything is thought out. Male scarf or keffiyeh called Guthrie. Color, pattern, way of wearing can be different and depends on the region of residence. Kuwait is a square cloth which is folded triangle and tied down, securing hiccups — black woolen cord. Under handkerchief gafiya — cap-liner, which holds this structure on the head:


At the handkerchief hanging two ends of the Bedouins they wrapped face from the sun, wind and dust. Generally, it is believed that the hiccups — is transformed over time the rope, which was tied camel drovers (rest of the time it was wound on his head):


I also saw a lot of hats here, though not sure this is the traditional Kuwaiti hats:


The traditional female attire — is primarily a niqab. Deaf «package» with a small cut to the eye. In contrast to the men’s shirt, it is black and the winter and summer. Popular Arab explanation says that the woman — it is like a shadow of a man. Therefore, the black:



Strict rules to wear the niqab in Kuwait not. The woman herself decides how her dress:


There are, for example, that such «bombshells». When we walked through the market, the girl ran up to the counter and with such enthusiasm grabbed the nightgown as if it Chanel:


Still, with the tastes there is some problem that really must admit:


But Kuwaiti wedding decorations are so rich, that will be envied by the most advanced Gypsy Baron! About «kokoshniki» 10 000 dollars, I wrote in the previous post about the market:


I could not resist trying on kufiyu. In general, the skill to tie a headscarf is very useful in case if you stayed in the heat without caps:


And example of a traditional robe — a walk, so walk! She calls bisht is incidentally an element of beauty and a sign of wealth. Not huhry muhry!


At the same time, our tour of the Arab fashion came to an end.

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