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[:RU]Panorama with Tehran Azadi Tower[:]

[:RU]Azadi Tower is located on a busy square at the entrance to Tehran. For most tourists is the first thing they see, arriving in the Iranian capital. The tower height of 50 meters is made of white marble. The history of the tower — it was built in 1971, when Iran was still at the head of the monarchy and the country was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah Pahlavi dynasty and generally the last monarch of Iran. The tower was built in honor of the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire. Then it was called Tower of Homage of Kings. In 1979 Islamic revolution, the monarch was ousted, Iran became an Islamic republic, and the tower was renamed Azadi («Freedom Tower»). But under the new government, it remains a symbol of Tehran. It remains so today. A 50-meter height offers a great view of the city.

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1. Winter morning in Tehran. Cold and strong wind. However, the day becomes much warmer.

2. The tower nemnogolyudno.

3. Azadi Tower is located at the crossroads of several highways and busiest city in close proximity to Mehrabad Airport, the old airport, located in the city and is now serving extensions.

4. Tehran — a huge metropolis with a population of 9 million people (and the entire metropolitan area — 14 million). Only slightly less than in Moscow.

5. Stir in the crazy city, but congestion, oddly, no. For public transport, there are separate dedicated lanes.

6. Tehran — in the classical sense of the metropolis. Road interchange, the concrete jungle. Many new buildings, but lots and abandoned buildings (which is apparently due to periodic economic difficulties associated with the various sanctions, under which Iran gets). But, historically, it is far from the most interesting city in Iran — almost all attractions are located in the center and easy to get around on foot per day.

7. Tower Tehran Milad Tower — the tallest building in the city and even in Iran (435 meters). It looks beautiful mountains in the background.

8. Tehran is located on the southern slopes of the Alborz mountain range that separates the city from the Caspian Sea. The white hats wonderfully towering over the city. And to the Caspian Sea not far from here, less than 100 kilometers — the Caspian Sea directly behind the ridge.

9. City and the mountains ….


11. Not far from Tehran, is an extinct volcano Demavend Gromada (5610 m), the highest mountain in Iran. It can be seen from the city.

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