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[:RU]Treasury imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue[:]


About Vietnam I have a lot of reports (from museums to pagodas), so I decided to write a little brief introduction about post what they saw the most beautiful city in the country- the former imperial capital of Hue, which has great architectural and natural treasures. I guess everyone has their own subjective ranking of the cities that have impressed more than others, I have this Tallinn, Prague, St. Petersburg, Cairo and now Hue.
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2) Two nights on the train category Hard Seatb reminiscent of Russian trains early 2000s. with wooden seats, but I was driving in a car 500 km 13 hours (Railways Vietnam I still tell). Surprisingly, the last 100 kilometers from Nha Trang to Hue we went 6:00 in the mountains directly with private stops and low speed motion. But here are the views were.  3) in Nha Trang rain temperature in December is not getting below 25 degrees, but in Hue was a full-fledged Russian windy rainy October with air temperatures from +10 to +16 during the day at night.-DyJ7zRZmnc.jpg


4) In 1993, the ensemble of monuments in Hue has been recognized as the first world cultural heritage in Vietnam, and was taken under the protection of UNESCO.



7) 7-tier and the highest pagoda in Vietnam — Thiên Mụ Pagoda

8) Tomb of Khai Dinya- very beautiful outside and inside the tomb. Before the tomb built a huge staircase with spans decorated with dragons and carvings. Inside, the walls and ceiling are decorated with mother of pearl and pottery shards. Inside the tomb is a throne, a symbolic tomb, several rooms are occupied by historical objects, photographs imperatora.Arhitektura more like a European palace, rather than east.

9) The penultimate emperor of Vietnam, Khai Dinh (aka Nguyen Phuc Buu Dao), who ruled in 1916-1925 gg. Vietnam became the first ruler who visited France (in 1922) in order to protect the autonomy of Vietnam, or at least return it protectorate status. He died of tuberculosis.

10) Imperial city of a powerful fortress citadel, surrounded by a stone wall and a moat, which is located inside the second pit himself the imperial city built in the likeness of the Forbidden City in Beijing. In the old days there lived emperors and their courtiers and servants. UNESCO is actively restoring monuments, is strongly affected by the American bombings.
Here the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty signed his renunciation of the throne August 25, 1945.

11) Hue 2 UNESCO World Heritage Site.


13) The tomb of Emperor Minh Mang (1820-1840 biennium).

14) Covered Bridge Toa Thanh called the «Japanese Bridge».

15) One of the examples of French colonial style.


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