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[:RU]How to chop wood or a day tattoo[:]


Serenity and a great day everyone! I Dmitri me 45. I am an artist, it means — to draw pictures and write. And I’m a tattoo artist. Tattoo usually causes unrestrained interest of opponents and supporters. Indifferent small, and those usually belong to the tattooed people world. So I thought to dump on any innocent readers of one of his ordinary day may be interested sympathizers to clarify something indignant and (you never know) to reconcile with the latter … his magazine I do not have, so my day I have I show with the help of my friends LJ — Fund «Sunflower». Why? Read and learn.
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 1. Yes, it is 11 am! I go in the morning, night — the most productive time for painting. But I get up late for an owl. «Who gets up early, the grandmother to the clinic,» — this is not about me … And Service — great, yes. And loud — this is important.
2. Breakfast with a book. Soviet habit — no meal without books ..
3. The first morning tube — the most delicious
4. Noon! Work at noon, it’s time to get to work. Home studio where I work, is equipped with everything necessary. And walk away is not necessary — that’s a plus. However, it lost the need to go to the people for some bread — a minus. In the studio, live mascots. A lot of. Here’s a brave man, for example …
5. And the author’s vintage teddy-medveddi. Its charm, create entourage, guard, entertain, behave indecently …
6. In the morning you are ready to paint the night.
7. While there a good daylight and before the arrival of the client have time — you need to work with paints
8. 5th February Zverev center of my personal opening day of the exhibition, in which two of my paintings will go on treatment of kids — Trust Fund «Sunflower». It helps children with severe immune disorders. Details can be found here: https: // 59033991 / just finished one of the two paintings. Refurbish it started a little bit, but got carried away (happens to me) and almost completely rewrote the job)))
9. Palette is used over the years. «Cultural layer», which is on it accumulates with time itself can serve as an art object …
10. The picture is quite large, one meter on as to all corners of the planned dotyaneshsya — sweat. That charge …
11. And this is just a nice picture and I’m on it a significant and elegant. However, it is time to finish with paints. It is also necessary to prepare the customer ordered flushes.
12. Flush — is a sketch for a tattoo. Either it looks like this. Seven albums of copyright material in the style of old school for me. But every day is drawn something new.
13. A thorough cleaning and disinfection — a prerequisite of the proper functioning of the studio. GM may not be able to draw all or bad to own a tattoo machine, but he is obliged to ensure the safety of the medical man who trusted him …
14. And here is the client arrived in time! Well done, is not late, he knows that I was angry …
15. Guests are always welcome in the house, in case they are or just at the light. Therefore, guests in the house are not translated …
16. Those are the albums with thumbnails … Select Picture — responsible thing. It is not by perevodilki zhuvachku slobber.
17. Often, preliminary conversation lasts a long time, a smooth transition to the philosophical thoughts of mutual or just chatter for life.
18. The choice is made, prepare the working material for fitting.
19. It is important to meet the natural geometry of the tattoo wearer’s body. Then life will be all right. And the world looks at the media in a kind …
20. In order to transfer the pattern on the body using special tools. Please transfer the pattern on transfer paper …
21. This is how it looks without a microscope
22. The transfer is made, right now, let us mold.
23. The special liquid-labrikant, she disinfector, we help you.
24. Opachki! Done!
25. The final look in the mirror. Everybody is happy, everybody dance …
26. While the shuttle body dries, collect the desktop. All disposable consumables and after work go into the trash. Disposable, but expensive. And with each session of trading on the foreign exchange market — are becoming more …
27. Getting Started. No turning back — the client thinks. I know it is, but I will not tell.
28. Just a beautiful picture of a beautiful young lady. Aesthetically pleasing …
29. The sound of running tattoo machine resembles being in a dentist’s office. Those who come from the USSR, remember the dreary horror. The most impressionable — they come with headphones with music. And ordinary characters — these are so easily without any additional devices.
30. Work on the circuit is completed, it is possible to smoke. And roll up fresh tattoo plyonochku not to be subjected to any external environmental influences.
31. The process of applying color reminiscent of children’s coloring. And just as fascinating.
32. It has been looming end of the work, the light at the end of the tunnel and the other pleasures of life
33. Especially failed carnivorous grin as second masters plana.A nobody said it would be easy. Tattoo — the lot of determined people, even if they — the young lady.
34. All day ends — and the pain too. Nearer the joy of finding a brand new tattoo!
36. Before sending the client in the frosty darkness, you need to teach him the rules of care for uncomplicated new clothes and proper behavior in the wild
37. The problem of almost any master that excess working dialogue leading to reluctance to «go to the people for some bread,» mutes the need for communication inoperative. We have to pull the ticks themselves from the familiar comfort zone and go out into the air. Frosty, among other things, the air somehow … Today I was waiting for friends. Popletus at night looking …
38. The other end of Moscow — not a reason to abandon the company’s lovely Cute colleagues, friends, so that there is — just great guys, their beasts, house plants and potato vodka
39. The first course, vegans are not here, the supporters of HLS (judging the glasses) — too. Just oven can not cope with the abundance of goodies on the unit of space
40. indestructible Soviet habit, all gatherings taking place in the kitchen.
41. In the yard the night, it’s time to move to the house. Still I have time to work, night — my time.
42. Daylight gone, but I do not plan afoot with great performance. So, Circuits … To correct a «naive» art? Funds from the sale, remind, will go to the foundation «Sunflower», some recipients I already know — the little brothers of the Kryukov Zabaykalyahttp: // l? Id = 20616, but they do not stop. Please! My contacts here:, and the fund «Sunflower» here:
43. Well — the time in the morning. Good morning, Country!

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!


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