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[:RU]Sweets Chinese cuisine.[:]

[:RU]In Europe, street food is associated mainly with sweets: all sorts of candy, ice cream. Stalls selling kebabs we have not accepted. In China, too, has a lot of sweets, which are sometimes very unusual.
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In tourist towns often hold a show of mixing the dough. From the preparation of nougat. Or from ramming Kozinaki. Many Chinese dessert made ​​from glutinous rice. I have such a thing was difficult to perceive sweetness. This thing seems to be called moon cakes. The Chinese love to do something in the form of a very appetizing and tasted like uncooked rice. Generally rolls can be taken at random. Can be dry and tasteless, and can simply melt in your mouth. That’s where good buns. And here is simply divine (Nanjing, slums in half an hour walk from the train station). Delicious Braids do in Dalian. Sometimes it can get caught something suddenly peppered as here This Chongqing cookies. cookies of Pingyao with unusual tangy flavors. In the regions where Muslims live, sell grain tortillas, similar to those that exist throughout Central Asia.

Now sweetness. The most characteristic is the sweetness of the fruit in caramel. Somehow, they are sold only in the northern and central regions. In the south, and if there is, at the most tourist street and at a high price. In the north, as they carried about the city on bicycles. As they are not afraid to drop? The price varies and starts from one yuan (Xi’an), often 2 yuan. This wand with small apples. Strawberries, tomatoes and other exotics are more expensive. I tried all kinds, and in my opinion the best apple, strawberry leaves too cloying, tomatoes strange and tart apples the most. Some sellers apples pitted, while others are too lazy to cut, then it is necessary to guess. Ice cream is very important in the hot south. Sold mainly in small shops, vending machines for making horns too, but not very much. It should be from 0.5 to 5 yuan. I’ve tried dozens of different species, most of the names, unfortunately, can not remember, because they are Chinese. Good memories Dongbeidaban — rectangular popsicle in a blister pack with an unusual texture, well, my favorite — with chocolate and nuts, where a fairly large chunks of chocolate. The fact that the chocolate just so in China can not buy. The shops sold only one type — Dove (not counting the department of import in large supermarkets), and it is more expensive than in Switzerland, 20 yuan per 100 grams. Snickers, Mars and other bars are also very expensive. Interesting ice cream there in Sanya, it is literally called «fried ice». Squeeze the juice from the fruit, making it something like a smoothie, and then poured on a very cold plate, where it solidifies. It turns out this way. Any soft drinks, but they are mainly for hipstoty.

Snacks from the store. Air cake (in the vicinity of the village of Yangshuo). It sells sugar cane. Bites, chew, sucking the sweet juice and then spit out the wood. Sometimes the juice squeezed right away. On the streets everywhere selling fruit. More often — pineapple on sticks, they are more comfortable there than melons. The wand is 1-3 yuan, depending on the city and the size. Chongqing is 1 yuan, while in the neighboring Guiyang — somehow all 5. Finally, I was able to have a pineapple, it turns out, they need to be cleaned as in the picture, with figured carving. In Russia, they are usually cut into slices, which is why later on that part, which is close to the peel burns your mouth is very unpleasant. A piece of watermelon is three yuan. In Hainan often sell coconuts, they have the benefit of growing up here in each palm. It is worth 7 billion yuan, you can drink the milk, and then scrape the flesh. And then sometimes bananas fried in batter. It turns out very specific. Even fruit. Green mangoes were less likely in Guilin — by 4.5 yuan per half a kilogram. Jackfruit. It can burn unpleasant language.

These things I did not tried it, but it turned out, they are very rare, not seen anywhere else. Longan, pitahaya, mango, mangosteen. Pitaya cheap, it can often have to stave off hunger. Javanese apple. I am seen only in Hainan. Value is not cheap, about 10 yuan a pound. Familiar fruit. Peanuts and betel. Mulberry! It should be hellishly expensive. This box takes the place of another half a porous sponge, which are berries. It is better to go to Korea or Central Asia and find a mulberry tree in the street. Vegetable Market.

Finally, tea. It is logical that a good tea in China is inexpensive. Here are a few species, bought at the store, a kilogram costs from 50 to 150 yuan, but a kilo of tea — a lot. Even a bag of 100 grams of long lives. Especially recommend this. On the price list written his name literally means «tea made ​​from buckwheat,» but the taste I would have called it «tea with bread.»

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Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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