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[:RU]How to collect the Il-76 and Tu-204[:]

[:RU]»Aviastar-SP» — the largest Russian aircraft building plant, part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The company is based in Ulyanovsk, and produces heavy transport planes Il-76MD-90A and passenger Tu-204. Previously, there were produced the world’s largest cargo planes An-124 «Ruslan». Now the factory is engaged in their service. In addition, «Aviastar-SP» is involved in the production of a new main aircraft MS-21 and the Sukhoi Superjet 100.

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1. Aircraft complex in Ulyanovsk was established in 1976. It is the youngest Russian aircraft factory.

Production facility occupy hundreds of hectares, and taking into account the territory of the airport complex — more than 1000. This is equal to the square of Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg.

2. The main administrative building of «Aviastar» — perhaps the most unusual structure of Soviet architecture of Ulyanovsk. Installation of decorative capsule on top made ​​in 1987 using the Mi-10. This a lattice structure will increase the total height of the building up to 100 meters.

3. «Aviastar» — a full-cycle plant, from metal casting and ending with the transfer of the finished aircraft to the customer.

Production consists of several stages. After the necessary processing components fall into the shop aggregate-assembly production, which brings together the wings, tail, fuselage.

4. The company employs about 10 000 people.

5. Almost a third of the staff — young people up to 35 years.

6. Production provides more than 400 pieces of equipment.

7. Automated Picking central warehouse, which stores the finished parts for aircraft.

8. Work at the «Aviastar» enough. Some assembly plants operate in two shifts, if necessary, people go overtime.

9. The tail assembly.

10. Automatic riveting.

11. Assembling the cockpit navigator.

12. The bulk loading plant enables mass production of the IL-76MD-90A. In 2015, «Aviastar» put into operation two IL-76. The third board completes flight tests.

13. In total, the production of «Aviastar» in various stages of readiness are about ten families of aircraft IL.

15. The family silts which produces «Aviastar», there is another perspective modification — a tanker Il-78M-90A. Today ends docked wing. In 2016, the plant plans to complete production of the first Russian aircraft-tanker.

16. We are constantly monitoring the quality of the assembly.

17. The final assembly shop.

Square shop allow for simultaneous assembly of at least 8 narrow-body and wide-3 ships.

18. The length of the shop — 500 meters, width — 100.

19. The height of the shop — 36 meters, this is a 12-storey building.

20. Since 1990, «Aviastar» produce Tu-204. Then it was designed to replace the passenger aircraft Tu-154.

Since 1990, «Aviastar» produce Tu-204 of various modifications. Then it was designed to replace the passenger aircraft Tu-154.

21. Tu-204-300 — the first domestic aircraft, capable of long flights without refueling. For example, the airline «Red Wings» commits a flight from Moscow to Vladivostok in 9 hours direct.

22. Tu-204-300 aircraft equipped with fuel efficient engines PS-90A, meets all the requirements in terms of noise.

23. Adjustment of the control plane.

24. Piping systems of the aircraft.

25. Installation of electrical wiring.

26. Work on the nose cone.

27. Installation of hand luggage boxes.

28. Today, in addition to providing general civil purposes, the Tu-204 is used lёtnym special squad «Russia» for the Administration of the President.

29. An-124 «Ruslan» — the heavy transport aircraft. It is the world’s largest production aircraft. The unique characteristics of the aircraft make it possible to do what is not available to other aircraft.

30. Initially, the serial production of AN-124 was planned to organize in Kiev, but in the early 80’s just earned the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Plant have decided to connect to the construction of «Ruslan». In total the company manufactured 36 planes of this type.

31. Currently, the plant is building the An-124, however, continues to carry out its deep modernization. The company is also engaged in maintaining the airworthiness «Ruslan» for the government customer and the airline «Volga-Dnepr».



34. Cockpit AN-124.


36. Also, «Aviastar» together with the Irkutsk Aviation Plant is involved in the production of a new main aircraft MS-21. The plant supplies assemblies and individual components of the aircraft Irkutsk aircraft plant, where the assembly.

37. In 2016, a sample of flight MS-21 already has to climb into the sky.

38. After the final assembly of complete aircraft Il-76 and Tu-204 are transported to the flight-testing station (LIS), which is located on the basis of airport «Ulyanovsk-Vostochny» in 12 km from the plant. Since the towing speed is 20 km / h, this process can take up to two hours.

39. The complex ground works and flight-test aircraft technical lasts 4-5 weeks.

40. The heavy transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A is a deeply modernized version of the well-reputed IL-76MD, which was produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Tashkent aviation enterprise.

41. The aircraft is designed for inter-regional transportation of troops, heavy equipment large and airdrop personnel and cargo. Also, the plane can be used for transportation of the sick and wounded, and fighting fires.

42. Of the new — established modern engines, aircraft control systems, modernized wing and strengthened landing gear. Maximum payload is increased to 60 tons, and a maximum take-off weight of the aircraft increased up to 210 tons.

43. The cargo compartment has a ramp that during loading and unloading can be installed in a horizontal or any other desired position.

For the transportation of people in the cargo onboard the aircraft has seating and installed removable center seat. The single-deck version provides transportation of more than 100 troops, two-deck — more.

44. The aircraft incorporates the principle of «glass» cockpit. It set 3 digital displays and intelligent remote control.

45. Painting is located in the production of specialized body size 96h96h36 meters, equipped with adjustable microclimate and environmental protection. Complex equipment allows you to perform all the processes of washing, cleaning, removal of the old and the new application of epoxy or polyurethane coating.

46. ​​Eling.


48. Flight tests are carried out at the airport Ulyanovsk-Vostochny, having a runway length of 5 km. This is the fourth in the world for the length of the runway.





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