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[:RU]Philippines Cagayan de Oro and cockfights[:]


There in the Philippines this folk fun — cockfights. In any more or less big city you can get to them if there is to be a day off.
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 Find the arena can be tricky.They are called cockpit (yes, like the cabin).In the city of Cagayan de Oro arena it is quite far from the center, and not everyone knows where it is, but in the end the right jeepney found.Officially called «Sports Complex Goes», but in reality there is only cockfights.

Entrance. Visit fights pay 100 pesos. You can buy a ticket to a distant platform, but it is only a little less. Inside the arena looks like a boxing ring for a glass fence around which are placed plastic chairs. Participate with your cock, too, is not free, you need to make a tournament fee of which is the prize fund. Rules I did not fully understand. Here are the standings. As it can be seen that most of the males fight one time, but some of the winners then fight among themselves, too. On foot roosters wear special long sharp spurs, so the fight is to the death or serious injury of a member. Before the fight roosters teased. And then begins the battle . Before this session is still undergoing rates. It looks like this: in the hall is the roar, the audience, mostly at long rostrum, shouting something and showing thumbs up their rates. Special people of their stores. The audience. The fight is rarely lasts longer than a minute.

But sometimes the roosters start to ignore each other, then they again vented.

The brutal and senseless spectacle. It essentially random — who was the first accident wag paw with a razor fatal. The winner picks up a judge, just like in boxing raise a hand with a glove. Cagayan de Oro — the largest city on the island of Mindanao, the second largest island of the Philippines. Interesting primarily as the nearest major airport to the island of Camiguin. Mindanao is considered unsafe for travel spot, because there is, in the south of Islamist rebels who want to secede from the Philippines and make their own state with Shariah and houris. There is even a special autonomy in southern Mindanao. Kagayanu But it’s not true, it is on the northern coast of the island, and it is not dangerous. It is a dark and gray city, like the rest of the Philippines, but inexpensive.

Monument to fallen journalists. The whole essence of the Philippines — a modern shopping center in the old shabby gray concrete building that looked like a prison. Reservoirs traditionally littered. Stroll through the slums.

And in other slums. Succulent texture easy to find.

Local public transport is called motorela. A cross between a jeepney with the fat-the fat. A local politician calls on the «march of millions» to the sale of the Malays and the Chinese motherland. In the two-hour drive from Cagayan de Oro is a ferry to the island of Camiguin. To pass it, you need to overcome the four levels of control. First, you sell tickets. Then after 10 meters paid separately collected for the use of the port — some ridiculous amount of type 5 pesos. Ushers ticket clip attaches to a small pass. Then after 50 meters at the entrance to the waiting room sit two who tear the card, leaving just the ticket. Finally, when the ferry will drive up, you start to checking the ticket (but not taking it). That’s what I understand the increase in GDP! The fee for use of the port is clearly produces only losses because on card, paper clips and paying three people more money to leave. But the money to increase the GDP of the Philippines.

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Author: Olga Pereko


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