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[:RU]As vanilla is grown in Madagascar[:]

[:RU]Today, under the cut the entire process of cultivation and further processing of vanilla. Our farm is located in Madagascar, about 600 kilometers from the capital.

terraoko-201601217 (5)

1. You can get there by car, but it’s long enough. Today, therefore, we chose the plane.
 photo DSC_0386_zps09e05c83.jpg

2. early morning. We slept a little — once, in front of a very long day!
 photo DSC_0299_zps7a56e88f.jpg

3. Those who weigh less, put back.
 photo DSC_0397_zpsde4060f2.jpg

4. The rest are distributed evenly through the cabin — for «stability.»
 photo DSC_0300_zpsf4b567c8.jpg

5. Let’s go! Iwata Airport, the city of Antananarivo.
 photo DSC_0302_zps43baa7e7.jpg

6. Under the wing of the aircraft boundless sea of the taiga jungle and waterfalls.
 photo DSC_0391_zps91704390.jpg

7. We fly. 600 km behind.
 photo DSC_0308_zps2b9a198d.jpg

8. Destination airport Manakara. We have been waiting for — meet.
 photo DSC_0310_zps5e731c0f.jpg

9. Next, 60 kilometers of asphalt. The nature of our sight for sore eyes!
 photo DSC_0586_zpsaab969bc.jpg

10. Then, a little more on the «country road» — it I did not shoot as much shaking. The road toll. Pictured prices. Motorcycle 500 Ariary, 1000 Ariary passenger car, etc. The money collected that the thaw was something to fix. In the rainy season to overcome these 23 kilometers possible only on the level of off-road Defender.
 photo DSC_0317_zps94ecfd45.jpg

11. All that is necessary to go, jeeps will travel no further — now only on foot. Around the jungles and rice fields in the lowlands.
 photo DSC_0316_zpsdd22cd93.jpg

12. unexpected obstacles!
 photo DSC_0320_zps1104648d.jpg

13. Aboriginal wonders what happened there in white?
 photo DSC_0318_zps172a804b.jpg

14. It turns out everything is simple: he likes-nehosh, and had to take off our shoes. It is dangerous to ride through the canals — slippery.
 photo DSC_0321_zps7b30e0c6.jpg

15. Well, now, and Plantation. Left and right of vanilla..
 photo DSC_0355_zpsdaa47a6d.jpg

16. We have no waiting. Communication is not there, because every visit unexpected.
 photo DSC_0328_zps4ba7ff92.jpg

17. It is our office. What did you expect in the jungle?
 photo DSC_0334_zpsd228f5fa.jpg

18. Gradually begin to gather workers.
 photo DSC_0343_zpsdb4e7144.jpg

19. We always welcome here.
 photo DSC_0330_zps010faf6f.jpg

20. Although there are swear.
 photo DSC_0348_zpsde33d5ab.jpg

21. The kitchen — dining room. Lunch is always at 12:00
 photo DSC_0332_zps5c003fd5.jpg

22. Today’s menu: cassava tubers,
 photo DSC_0336_zps3ac0ec18.jpg

23. Soup with beef and rice (white, Pakistan)
 photo DSC_0333_zps730ed8c5.jpg

24. The meal we share with them did not, because there is no time — we still have to go back and back the manager had walked. Come watch the plantation.
 photo DSC_0325_zps31fdc217.jpg

25. Vanilla is an orchid. In order to grow a vine attached to a tree-guardian. The same guardian provides the necessary shade and the greenhouse effect. The three main conditions: heat (average 27), high humidity and proper care.
 photo DSC_0353_zps5e47b3aa.jpg

26. Lives vine about 10-12 years, so the plantation must be constantly updated. The photo plant that 4 months. Planting cuttings. It begins to bear fruit in the third year.

27. Vanilla excellent this year. The photo pods that in mid-June grow to about 22 cm in length. And this is the highest grade. Will they only collect and process quality.
 photo DSC_0324_zps708a567a.jpg

28. And in the beginning was this: to ensure that there were pods, vanilla is necessary to pollinate. This process takes place manually.
 photo _zpslifcouwg.jpg

29. Each flower must «marry». More about this HERE.

He opened pollination technique of 12-year-old servant to Edmond Albius Reunion (Bourbon Vanilla. Detective Story occurrence). It is thanks to him vanilla began to grow everywhere.

30. Tearing vanilla immature green and begin long process.

31. First of all, the pods must be scalded with boiling water. Water is heated to 63 degrees for three minutes and immersed therein vanilla. Immediately afterwards pods spilling into blankets and sheltering from the top. Leave about a day «to rest.» It is necessary to stop the pod to ripen and began to ferment.

32. Then, vanilla dried in the sun for 4-5 hours a day. On the night of her clean the room, pre-wrapped in a blanket (jute bags) and put in wooden crates. It is necessary to dial the vanilla kept the sun heat.

These procedures are ongoing for 30 days markedly. After that, the pods for another month ripen in the shade, in well-ventilated warehouse.

33. When drying vanilla «thinner» seven times. Follow this process is very important, because that’s the wrong treatment leads to such disastrous results:

34. When the pods are ripe, they start the calibration and packaging. Vanilla sorted by size, are cleaned in the direction of the split pods.

35. It is then tied into bundles and sent to the warehouse.

36. There are only 4 species of vanilla.
 photo DSC_0745_zpscaf29a0c.jpg

37. FD / Noire — 15 Fondue / black. The word «fondue» indicates that the lower part of the pod split.
 photo DSC_0747_zpsf6fe1198.jpg

38. That compared with normal. Normal vanilla, as it sealed.
 photo DSC_0751_zps0313abf1.jpg

«Fund» is defective and pods are sold only because all the other indicators are normal. Humidity 28-32%. Size 15 cm. It is the cheapest of vanilla pods.

39. Vanilla TC. 15 cm. 32-36% humidity. Color black. Very aromatic and rich taste. This is for real gourmets!
 photo DSC_0754_zps22978363.jpg

The name comes from the transformation of the expression «Touton Quatrième».

«Touton» — a French company that has long been engaged in buying stolen vanilla in Madagascar. A «quatrième» meant fourth price category (samoyu expensive), on which the «Tuton» bought vanilla. The peasants could not pronounce «Touton Quatrième» and the name eventually, transformed into «TK». So it stuck. If you now ask to Sambava sellers vanilla why this quality is called «TC», I think that no one will answer.

40. European Quality
 photo DSC_0757_zps25c1c5ee.jpg

The quality requirements for Europe. 30-32% humidity. Brown color.

41. American quality
 photo DSC_0759_zpsad815aa1.jpg

The quality requirements for the United States: 25% humidity. Color red-brown.

42. After the sale of games (prior to export), we once again check all the boxes for damaged pods.

43. Almost always discarded for approximately 5 percent of the vanilla — very finicky spice.
 photo DSC_0334_zpsa8032e1f.jpg

44. That’s it! From the flower and pod before it takes about 10 months.

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!
Author: Olga Pereko


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