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[:RU]How to clean the snow in Moscow[:]

[:RU]This week Moscow was covered with snow. I was shooting for several days cleaning and learned a lot about the utilities and their work. And I know that our people are always unhappy. If the snow is not removed — unhappy if clean — dissatisfied. If sprinkled reagent — dissatisfied. Do not sprinkle reagent — still dissatisfied. The easiest way to disable the snow fall on the streets).

In this feature, I’ll show you how to clean the main highway in Moscow and tell why they are sprinkled with reagent.

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1. In the second half Tuesday in Moscow began chic snowfall. Even in the morning on the radio I heard every hour warning of the impending disaster that snow will fall a lot, and it is better now to move on the subway. Even in the airport because of the approaching front in advance were canceled dozens of flights. So to say that snow fell suddenly, you can not)

2. I’m going to remove «prometanie» main streets around the Kremlin, which was scheduled for nine o’clock and was carried out by GBU «Highways». Prometanie — a global action that blocked streets and snow-clearing equipment is a solid wall in several rows.

I decided to come to the center early and stroll around Red Square. They blew a fierce wind that knocked the tripod with the camera (thanks to the snow). His eyes cut snow. I immediately remembered the wind in Teriberke.

3. But let us return to street cleaning. Many people wonder: why do we need to clean up the streets of the city asphalt and sprinkle reagents if the country in most cities in the snow just ukatyvayut? I asked this question of public utilities.

1. Moscow — congested city, and if you remove all markings from the road (or fill it with snow, which is the same), then the city will be impossible to move. If we talk about small street, there can still be somehow overcome, but imagine 8-10 Way highway, large areas without marking … there will be chaos.

2. snowed streets will not allow to keep the speed limits set by the rules of signs and traffic rules. That is, in the winter need to change all the signs, reducing the speed limit. Otherwise, snow cover will not ensure safe braking in front of intersections, transitions, and so on. D.

3. If the Siberian winter with sub-zero temperatures usually comes only once and for a long time, in Moscow one day there may be several transitions through zero temperature. And a morning packed snow can quickly turn into dashed off the ice.

4. Therefore, purified to the streets of Moscow «summer state», that is, until the asphalt. But this does not mean that you can save on winter tires and a ride on the summer)

With the onset of snowfall in the first place by means of anti-handled most dangerous areas to traffic highways and streets — steep descents, turns and climbs, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, brake pads on the street corners and public passenger transport. In each road maintenance organization has a list of sites of streets, requiring priority treatment means upon detection of anti-icing. After treatment, the most dangerous to traffic areas begin to process the rest of the city streets.

5. But there are supersnegopady. When less than an hour drops a few centimeters of white, fluffy snow. And then the city has traditionally rises. It is particularly difficult to carry out prometanie at peak hours, when the streets are clogged with cars. Drivers grumble that the streets are not clean — and the technique just physically can not manage to fulfill their designated areas, standing in traffic jams. It is necessary to prohibit the snow and traffic jams!

6. Public services in advance (before October 1) prepare the required number of techniques to work on snow removal. Also, pre-prepared a place for the reception of snow — and snegosvalki snegoplavilnye camera.

7. To work on cleaning and removal of snow from roads utilities should begin when its layer is 3 centimeters (that I read on the internet). If the snowfall occurs at night, the cleaning of the main highways and roads should be finished by 8 o’clock in the morning. If at this time the snow keeps going, cleaning subordinated territories should be carried out continuously.

8. Cleaning of wide streets is produced by a platoon of snow removal equipment. First, «a half wedge» go pluzhnoschetochnye cars that form a snow shaft to the tray portion of the road (shovel all the snow to the curbs). Next comes a series or two cars were scattered reagent. Later, assembled at the edges of the carriageway snow loaders collected into piles and loaded into dump trucks.


10. On motorways, the number of vehicles with a plow can be up to ten or more pieces. It looks this parade solemnly, that does not tell the drivers, who have to go behind the column technology with a speed of 40 km / h instead of the usual 60-80.

Why clean the main streets during rush hour? The same Moscow that creeps 30-40 km / h because of the fact that the front of the column is the art?

The answer is simple. Better crawl Now for snowplow than half an hour to get up in the dead of the cork due to accidents.

11. There are Department of Housing agreed routings (routes) traffic machinery. For safe driving during the harvesting, like column dress accompanied by DPS, which closes the column at the right time cuts off the movement to clean large areas, or to turn the column.


13. There is one scenario in which the snow is not removed from the roads. As it happened on Tuesday when another prometanie scheduled for nine o’clock was postponed two hours later. The reason for this was the freezing rain that forecasters had predicted, and that really then went instead of snow. And if urban services cleared the road to the asphalt at nine o’clock, then ten o’clock to clean the asphalt covered with a layer of ice.

But few of the drivers could have known about such tactics, and probably a mother, sitting behind the wheel and skidding in the slush.

14. Cheburashka)

15. Cleaning Lubyanka Square.

16. The area cleared five minutes maximum. The movement at this time was blocked.


18. It is said that in large European cities are also used reagents. In Moscow, the reagent used the CD-2. A mixture of marble chips and natriyhlora. Unlike granite chips, which tried as an experiment to use a few years ago, a marble gets wet, dissolve or livnevki scores.

19. That is why our sidewalks after a snowfall comes our famous «Moscow gel».

20. «Golden Pen» in the work. Because the utility is called Tine snegopogruzchiki. It loads the snow, who recently raked the roadway in the dump.


22. Further to dump snow removal items or snegosvalkam snegoplavilnye. There are stationary and mobile snegoplavilnye points. Stationary usually placed over an underground river channel and there throughout the year (in the summer just relax). Snow through special crushers and lattice simply dumped in the river.

23. Mobile snegoplavilki uncover only in times of snowfall, as they were this week.

24. This is a completely self-contained stations that burn quite a large number of diesel fuel, about 400 liters per hour.

25. The melted snow and dumped in the sewers. The use of mobile snegoplavilok offloads stationary and eliminate long lines to unload trucks of snow, reduce reruns technology, thus increase the effectiveness of snow removal.

26. Actually here and collect snow from our roads. About sidewalks talk sometime next time I will gather Sidewalk bank)

27. Many thanks to all the staff GBU «Roads» with whom I had a chance to work in these snowy days. In general, many thanks to all public utilities, which are good or bad (you judge) clean the snow from our streets.

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!
Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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