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[:RU]As grown and processed cashew[:]

[:RU]That just will not do in order to remove the report on which no one has ever written, especially manufacturing, and about something exotic. It was with this purpose I went to Thailand — this tropical country has promised to show me many interesting subjects about which we could only dream. Production of pearls, shrimp farming, unfortunately will remain a dream for me — none of the above could not be removed due to many factors. The same thing happened with cashews.

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However, the story of the cultivation and processing of nuts, I can not leave aside, considering how much time we spent on the search for the factory processing of exotic fruits. But first things first.

Title I of this nut is strongly associated with my past work in the casino. The fact that the chips in the casino are divided into two types — «color» and «cache.» «Color» does not have a face value, they can only be played on a roulette and its cost can lock the player, the marked specific color chip «cache.» «Cache» — chips with a certain nominal value, which is depicted in this very chip. They can be free to play on all tables in the casino cashier and buy in exchange for money there.
Once had to play roulette with the player. He dropped out and I asked winnings; «Do you color or cache?» To which he replied: «Let’s cashew, cashew!» That stuck out and this is the association of casino chips with nuts.

But I’m a little distracted. Upon arrival at Phuket we Valera began to look for on this island where there is a factory for the processing of cashew nuts. In the Internet found that information, but it was pretty stingy, photos were few tourists somehow did not try harder to film production. Find out the address in the morning, we went to look for this very factory. We went for a long time, we stopped at the plantation of rubber trees in some furniture shops, shops for the sale of elephants and other places, trying local vysnit where is this factory. However, no one could clearly explain in addition to vendors from a single store, which indicated the right direction.

We gasped when they saw the familiar sight of a photo report devoted to cashew. But inside we were disappointed.

It was a very ordinary shop, which specialized in the sale of various products made from cashew nuts and an apple out of his, on which he grows walnut. However, we were greeted quite warmly, treated on the basis of apple compote cashew told where in fact there is cashew factory, and even gave a try crack a nut.

We called the town (can not remember the name), said that it is on the mainland of Thailand and it is necessary to go up as much as 400 km! Time and willingness to travel so far we have not had, moreover, a question — we find you production runs, and if we can get there. Because had to be satisfied with what was in store.
It looks like walnut without shell, it must still lightly fry.

The store had only one machine for splitting a nut shell, which stood here as a tourist attraction. Before the invention of more productive and automatic machines used precisely this, but you need a nut factory to produce faster, because there are more modern counterparts.

To grow cashew nuts on an industrial scale, we need a large plantation of this fruit, there are none in Phuket, and Thailand in the nuts are grown not in such large numbers — the country is not even in the top ten of the largest producers of cashew. The first places hold Vietnam (1,110tonn), Nigeria (950tonn) and India (753tonn).

Cashew grows only in tropical countries. Initially, it was grown in Brazil, but gradually the production of nuts spread to 32 countries. It looks like tree itself — about 13 m. In height, and in some cases up to 30 m.

Walnut in Asian countries produce high-quality oil, similar to peanut. And to get the most nuts have to split its course. However, the difference between this nut from the other is that under the shell are such corrosive substances like acid and kardol anakardovaya that in contact with skin irritating. Because Valerie cleans nuts gloves. If the clean one or two nuts without protection, then nothing much happens, but if you prick them all day, then you can say goodbye to his velvet skin.

For this reason, first-in-shell nuts are roasted, then peeled nuts subjected to thermal obratbotke to tar residues evaporate. That is why the cashews ever sold in the shell.

He was surprised to learn that the shell of the cashew is also used in the manufacture of automotive brake pads and linings for them.

At the beginning of the post, I said that cashew nuts — a fruit, I misspoke. Walnut grows on the tip of the fruit of the cashew or «cashew apple», which are in fact sprawling succulent stalk. They look just like the picture. I myself could not try them on taste, but as a compote at the store. How to write a variety of sources «hidden under the skin yellow fibrous, very juicy, slightly astringent, sour-tasting flesh.» One can only believe this definition.

This fruit of the cashew develops at the end of the apple. Walnut, resembling a miniature boxing gloves, is covered with a double shell. External — green and smooth, it contains a caustic phenolic resin. Inside is like a thick shell, under which hides and edible nut kernel, similar in shape to the human kidney.

Apples cashews, can be eaten raw, but they are also used to make jams, jellies, compotes, and spirits. Depending on local traditions, processed or juice is distilled. It is diluted with water and enriched with sugar to give a refreshing drink «kazhuina», which is popular in Latin America. In India, the fermented juice of the «apples» make liqueur «Fenny».

But all these charms are available only to residents of the countries in which it is growing walnut, cashew apples so perishable and should not be exported.

We say goodbye to the shop and go further to look for stories for the community kak_eto_sdelano from Thailand will be even more interesting posts, I’m sure you’ll like them.

And here is the final product with which you are certainly familiar.

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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