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[:RU]How to make coconut oil.[:]

[:RU]Do you think a product has unique properties, which are used in medicine and in cooking and cosmetics, and even in the field of household? Which can simultaneously be used as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory? Answer — under the cut …

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Correctly, it is — coconut oil which is prepared from milk. However, coconut milk — this is not a Vodicka, which is inside the fruit, and we drink in cafes in Asia. Water is formed by itself, and milk squeezed out of coconut pulp. When the milk is boiled, it is divided into oil and solid cookies. That is out of the liquid obtained solid substance.
The workplace, where squeezed coconut milk:

Coconuts are falling from the trees shell. The fact that we usually take for coconut shell — a seed green fruit:

First, tear off a coconut and took «seed.» It uses a simple and effective machine:

Then it is necessary to split the shell:

Samu seed split into 2 halves. Inside — coconut water. I always thought that she called coconut milk, and wondered why she was given this name if it is transparent. Meanwhile, coconut water — a different story. Firstly, it is sterile (known cases of its use for medical purposes in the absence of saline), secondly, has the properties of light energy:

Pulp drill special device operating on the principle of the device for squeezing orange juice:

Then, the shavings are wrapped in cheesecloth and squeezed therefrom coconut milk:

Then the milk boil over low heat stirring occasionally, so as not burnt:

Gradually, it thickens and darkens. The oil begins to separate from the milk:

As a result, milk «skuksivaetsya». Milk fry. Fried milk:

Milk fry until crispy brown state. The taste is very similar to the chips of cookies:

To produce 50 mg of coconut oil takes about two or three of the fetus:

There are about 60 ways to use coconut oil: traditional (in the food and cosmetic procedures) to extravagant (in the care of wooden appliances and furniture, to remove chewing gum, etc.):

All this happened in our hotel Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives. Stay Tuned!

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