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[:RU]Fortress of San Pedro de la Roca (Castillo del Morro)[:]

[:RU]Located on the inaccessible cliffs at the narrow entrance to the bay of Santiago, El Morro is one of the most beautiful places in Cuba. And in my subjective opinion — and even the most beautiful. Fort San Pedro is situated at an altitude of 60 meters on inaccessible promontory 10 kilometers to the south-west of the city. Project Fortress was established in 1587 to protect the Santiago from pirates, who in the mid-1500s almost entirely plundered city. Because of financial difficulties, the construction work began only in 1633 and were conducted sporadically over the next 60 years. During a break in the construction of the famous English pirate Henry Morgan once again ravaged Santiago, and only in 1700, when the fortress was finally built, its thick walls and bastions were able to serve a short time for its intended purpose. But soon the era of the pirates is over, and in the XIX century fortress made from prison, where she remained until 1960, when he was a draft restoration of El Morro and turning it into a monument of architecture and history.

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2. impregnable bastion of the ancient fortress striking in its power, and the fortress surrounding the incredible beauty of landscapes coastline More Santiago several times reinforce the impression.



5. The fortress was built by all the canons of fortification art. The project was designed by the famous citadel of Italian architect Giovanni Battista Antonelli.



8. From the walls of the bastions of the incredible beauty of open views of the coastline of the Caribbean Sea …


10. … and the narrow neck of the entrance to the bay of Santiago de Cuba. The width of the entrance to the Bay — less than a kilometer. Not surprisingly, the castle has been put on the tall rock in this strategic location.


12. Strait leading into the depths of the Bay of Santiago, clearly visible small fishing island of Cayo Granma. On the island with the mainland runs paromchik, and we will visit there yet.

13. And now — let’s move the ditch on the suspension bridge and find ourselves inside the fortress.

14. Today, when the guard Santiago de Cuba from malicious Henry Morgan is no longer necessary, the only permanent fortress guards are here, these charming dragon. Of course, not so charming, they live on the Indonesian island of Komodo, but also quite think of anything. Though their eyes envy Indonesian dragons and feelings. :))


16. Inside the bastions today a museum of piracy, as well as preserved and restored interiors of those times, when the fortress was to protect the city from pirates.

17. A bit of a walk on the bastions. Very fond of all sorts of different ancient fortification!





22. In the fortress of San Pedro de la Roca (El Morro) is a deep well, from which you can always take fresh water in the case of a long siege by pirates bastions.



25. There he visited Henry Morgan — why go to such places alone is dangerous! It is better to be sure to enlist the support of any of the Italian Mafia … :))

26. And even better — his beloved wife. So Henry Morgan is not exactly terrible. :))

27. El Morro fortress located on a high cliff. The local airfield quite nearby — went over the head of a turboprop ATR-72. But the local airport receives and larger aircraft — the Boeing-767, IL-96, our …

28. Next to the castle is located, and the current lighthouse, which indicates the entrance to the bay of the courts of the second largest city in Cuba.

Flying the years, changing historical periods and powerful rulers. And the ancient guardian of Santiago, bristling with bastions, for more than 400 years, regularly carries his service. Oh, where are you, Henry Morgan?

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