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[:RU]How to sleep on planes[:]

[:RU]Monthly travel, many people combined with the ongoing work. So every time they leave on the account, and spend a few days getting used to the new (or old) time zone they simply can not. Therefore, very important for them to sleep on airplanes. How to do it with maximum comfort.

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This skill came to me not once, but to sharpen it, I suddenly realized that in front of me the whole world is open.

Now I can plan a trip that many would have seemed absurd. To drive for three and a half days from New York to Singapore? No problem! Or Taiwan for five days? In China four? Work out a full day in Seattle on the way from Tokyo to New York? About the weekend in Europe, I really do not say anything. All this is possible if you learn to sleep on the plane!

Today I will share with you their methods. Suddenly, someone will come in handy. The longer the flight, the easier it is to wake some part of it. For example fly to Singapore was 18 hours, I was able to sleep twice. But if you really need, you can sleep on the four-hour flight. Less has special does not make sense.

The success of the airline sleep there are two very important elements: need and opportunity. Need — is how much you want to sleep, but the possibility — it is convenient for you to sleep in the place in which you are traveling. Of course they are interrelated: if you really want to sleep, you can even sleep in the cramped and uncomfortable chair.

By the way I was so sleep in economy seats. So I never take a place in the first row, or after the wall, to which not reach the knees. (More and because there causes the carry-on baggage on the mezzanine clean.) Sleep sitting, legs stretched out I was not comfortable, always have something to stretch. Sometimes I even open the table, and folding legs straight at him — and the rest of my posture is stable:

This hood — is not accidental. It can be pulled down over his eyes, and will not interfere with the light, when a neighbor decides to middle of the night poreshat Sudoku. (But a mask over his eyes, I do not like.)

I know there are people who like the opposite head lean on the table (I myself sometimes so do not stand for a long time but not that good to me). If you sit by the window, you can still lean on the wall. And some just simply sitting stretched legs and sleeping — with a pillow, which is worn around the neck. Whatever it was, everyone has his own way to sleep in the economy.

But of course the maximum opportunity to sleep at the business class passengers, one in which a chair converts into a bed. Here you can sleep even at the minimum on the requirements. (I recently described five ways how ordinary people can fly in business class.)

But if you fly in economy class, that does not mean that you can not sprawl. It happens that in a number of savings can grab and lift the handle down. Then to bed almost as comfortable as in an expensive business, it can be a full-length extended. (This is another reason not to sit in the front row — there are handles at the seat does not rise, because they are hidden tables and monitors.

In principle, in order to get to sleep enough, and the two places, just have to curl up. It’s amazing what can acrobatics adult, it would seem, people who want to sleep.

I have a few strategies of choosing seats in economy class, to increase the chance that the next one is not sitting. But onychia I somehow write another time.

As for the need to sleep, there are only two ways to increase it: not enough sleep, or take a sleeping pill. For temoyadernogo special effect to apply and advise that, and another.

With the «sleepy» all clear. If your flight is in the evening, you can sleep on the eve of a few hours. If the flight Utena, you can the night before him did not go to bed. At the same time you will have plenty of time to collect the suitcase / backpack.

As far as sleeping pills, there must be careful — it’s usually a good eight hours so that on shorter flights may not be the most suitable option. But on the long — very helpful, particularly in order to adjust the time zone for a dream destination (this is the best way to combat jet lag).

Personally, I take pills NyQuil — they do something for flu and colds, but contain a sleeping pill (originally appeared in the 1960s, so the patient would normally sleep off). These pills are sold in America without a prescription, they are a beautiful green color, and easy to swallow. I’m missing one pill, which I wash down for effect than anything alcoholic. After half an hour — forty minutes of sleep is guaranteed. (Yes, I know, what to drink with sleeping pills in general is not recommended.)

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!
Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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