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[:RU]How to survive in quake[:]

[:RU]April 25, 2015 in Nepal, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 points. The epicenter was 82 kilometers north-west of Kathmandu. At this point, we were sitting in the bus, intending to go to the city of Bhaktapur (Bhaktapur). Next in the region for two days, there have been about 200 aftershocks. After the incident, we have developed for yourself certain rules that we want to share with you in this post.

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1. Awareness of what is happening does not come immediately

Nepal — one of the poorest and undeveloped countries. The day before during a walk through Kathmandu in addition to ancient historical buildings, we have seen a lot of buildings, can not old but decrepit and dilapidated. The buildings are connected by a system of cables. Certain parts of the city resemble the spontaneous settlements, deprived of any plan and style. Streets in the Old City are a shopping arcade. They are so narrow that traffic jams often occur out of people, motorcycles and cyclists. In general, the picture slum without an earthquake.

On the eve of celebrating the new Nepalese 2072. The city was decorated with flags and appropriate signs.

The next day, in the morning we set out to go to Bhaktapur. We just sat on the bus to Kathmandu, when we caught up with the main tremor. The bus jerked and shuddered. Some of the passengers pulled out. The driver said, will not run out, and we were sitting in the bus. We were hooked Nepalese frightened and with his words, we realized that it was an earthquake. He was in shock. We also do not yet understand what to do. After a while we started and went. While riding at Kathmandu, we saw that the crowd of people poured out of the buildings on the street in the open space. Since then, many did not disperse, forming a tent camp.
Our bus was packed more people. One girl in the bus started to cry. Everyone else sat with serious faces. By the way, Nepalese usually always stern faces on them does not determine whether that happened or not.
At that time we did not feel any fear or danger, one uncertainty.

2. Be prepared to repeat episode

In Bhaktapur, we saw the same well-groomed urban landscapes, as in Kathmandu. We went through the broken free ticket booth to the Durbar Square (Durbar Square). And then we saw the huge ruins of ancient temples. It already was unlike the usual run-down. Tourists were many, in their eyes was visible interest, because in front of them accomplished story! No cordoned off and there was no panic. Sometimes the police ran and called on all to move away from the edges of buildings that no one killed the debris from aftershocks.

Back in Kathmandu, on the way to our hotel, we found traces of the earthquake in some places: the destroyed power lines, crumbling buildings, cracks in the asphalt, broken roads. The restaurant is closed at the entrance to the hotel hung announcement that the airport is closed today, many tourists sit on the bags.

In our hotel through the construction of exterior walls crack was held on all floors. A room on the 5th floor all the toiletries were scattered in the bathroom.
The hotel was felt tremors Jabneh, especially on the upper floors. The walls shook and trembled terribly. Night was coming, but we did not know what lies ahead. 3. Warn relatives

Despite shortages of mobile and Internet, we immediately warned all the families that are in security. Then update the information for them every day.

4. Do not panic, for it to collect the opinions of others, to raise awareness in the chaos of information and make the right decisions

All guests of the hotel went down to the reception. All bogey uncertainty further action. Russian trekkers, for example, collected backpacks and waited for a taxi to the airport, so no matter what the morning to go to the mountains. They shared information with us that all our fellow citizens gathered at the Cultural Centre in Kathmandu. On the map we saw that it was far enough away and decided that this night will not go there. The trip to the airport, we also decided to postpone because the prospect of sleeping on the street in a crowd of strangers, too, we did not enjoy.
Besides Russian in our hotel were European tourists — and an elderly gay couple Hans and Eva. They joked that the earthquake was an earthquake, and sleep on a schedule, and they will be sleeping in his room that night. However, after the next aftershock they again descended down to us. Despite the difficult situation, they kept teasing each other alive and communicate with us. In this way they inspire confidence and peace of mind, and we decided to keep them all that difficult night.
When we were at the reception there were only four of the hotel staff said that all of us should go to a safer place. It implied an open courtyard between the houses. With an gave us blankets, snacks and beer. Bags we left the hotel, because we were told that it will be closed for the night. There were already people in groups and 70 local tourists from other hotels. At night, getting colder (10) closer to the beginning of the 12 nights we sleepy. Strong aftershocks were not, and all went fine. In general, in consultation with the employees of the hotel, we unanimously decided to come back to a warm hotel and dospat the night on the couch at the reception.

5. Be prepared to be patient and discomfort

In the night we have several times tried to lie down in empty rooms, but shake the feeling was that now everything will collapse and we will not have time to get out of the hotel. It was dark and scary. With strong aftershocks we still ran out into the street. In the courtyard were all tired, the night was sleepless. The birds were flying in circles, and we were sitting, leaning against the bumper cars. Aftershocks were so strong that it pushed us in the back. It felt as if we took a shallow subway line, but alas, it was not the subway!
While the hotel has internet, we tried to buy tickets to Varanasi — Indian city, where according to the plans we had to reach by land after a couple of days. We were able to book tickets, call the manager but by Skype, we were told that they could not redeem. We decided to leave this task to the next day.

6. Do not feel sorry for yourself, because someone might be worse than you

In the morning we got up and began to ask hotel staff how to get to Varanasi. We were told that now the country’s state of emergency declared in the Himalayan avalanche, many mountain villages and city centers were destroyed. Many of the victims.
The locals were all the time in the street and prayed to the gods to tremors stopped. Generally, Nepal — a country very religious. To Nepalese earthquake — a test that they have to go with dignity, then the gods will reward them. What can I say, every nation has its own power at the Nepalese it in faith. All this difficult time, they supported each other and us as well.

7. Sometimes take a proactive stance, sometimes go with the flow

We know that nobody will solve our problems, but ourselves. Land we were unable to cross the border, because roads have been inundated. Then we decided to get the information at the Cultural Center of the Russian Federation, went there. Along the way we found a travel agency working. We have helped to redeem tickets to Varanasi for 200 euros per person per one-way airline Air India on the same day. We immediately went to the airport. There was hope to fly.
Already on the way to the airport was a lot of people. We waited a long time outside of any information. Flights delayed, planes are not flying. There was talk about spetsborta MOE for the Russians, but it is unclear at what time.
Airport Kathmandu small, people were in it very much. Someone was sitting on the benches, someone on the floor. Someone walked the runway — aviaploschadka was open to all. There were a couple of huge military transport aircraft, which are loaded for several hours. First evacuate citizens of those countries which sent their planes (Bangladesh, Singapore).

Helicopters carrying humanitarian aid and circling over the airport. Despite the fact that its supply was regular, she reached for the needy with long delays or not reached at all. What provoked protests from the airport and in public places. One might think that the government, instead of helping people to use humanitarian aid for their own purposes.

Airport swayed, but psychologically we were comfortable to be here, because construction of airport looked safer than the construction of civil buildings in the city.
When our flight as all other Air India flights canceled, hope is gone, come despair. I burst into tears of impotence, injustice and uncertainty of being. We have gathered a group of active with Russian, Indian and Nepalese, to speak with a representative of the airline. The manager did not come for a long time, then we started to go on strike. We shouted hooligan chants and that we need three things: food, hotel and tickets for the flight with the new date. Finally, we went to the representative of Air India. At first he did not hear us. Then, after persuasion, we came to a compromise, and he agreed to give us tickets to the date of tomorrow, to convince us that tomorrow we will fly away. Thus, all were at the airport. It was all good.
Realizing that this night we had to spend in the airport, we started searching for a good place to sleep. Passengers-trekkers were sleeping bags, and they are spread out on the floor. Remaining Seats dismantled all the best. There were a lot of chairs with armrests that sleep was not comfortable. Finally, I chose a more or less decent bench, put the bag under his head and lay down to sleep. Several times during the night had to wake up to stretch their stiff body. Maxim husband slept on a square table near the wall outlet, charging the tablet. In the morning I found a comfortable sofa, and we dospat a few hours there.

8. Believe in a better and maintain a hope

With the coming of a new day began to open shops. Our desire to leave Nepal is not weakened, and tickets purchased the day before gave hope that we’ll fly that day. Hope also gave employees the airline Air India, having written us tickets for today’s flight and giving the information that the flight departed from Varanasi and hence arrive at the airport in Kathmandu.
At the same time, we are actively scrolled in mind the different circuit. For example, if the canceled flight to Varanasi, you can try to change the tickets to Delhi, because to fly more planes. Or you can wait spetsbortov MES and fly to Russia. But I did not want to return home. In the end, we decided not to twitch and wait for our flight to Varanasi. And no wonder — the plane still flew, and we flew to India.

9. Finally, the negative experience — an experience

In India, we have continued to leave, but did not shake the feeling disappeared. Shaking well for half a year in Moscow.

During the two days that we were in Kathmandu, we have that there is hope, then he disappeared. Stability was not, but we have developed rules of survival for themselves and follow them. Upon arrival, we heard from many that it would be interesting to go through the earthquake itself, to test yourself. We believe that it is better not to gain that experience. If you suddenly happen, we hope that the tips will be useful. In addition to luck, optimism and support each other, we are still very lucky with sympathetic Nepalese. Without them, it would be much more difficult.

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Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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