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[:RU]Travel Yaroslavl land.[:]

[:RU]Yaroslavl land is full of sights, but he is not worthy of Yaroslavl one weekend. But our goal is to pass along the Volga from Uglich to Tutaeva and see interesting places along the way.

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Photo 2. Early in the morning we leave the city and after a little over three hours walk through the Kremlin of the ancient city. From former times preserved ensemble of buildings comprising the princely chambers, Church Dimitry on the blood, Transfiguration Cathedral, bell tower and the building of City Council.
Church Dimitry on the Blood — built on the site of the murder of Tsarevich Dimitri which in the early years of the XVII century has been cut down a wooden chapel in 1630 it was replaced by a wooden church, and was built in 1692 and is now the current stone church:

Photo 3. Transfiguration Cathedral — Cathedral of Uglich, built in 1710-ies in the place of the demolished an ancient temple, and the bell tower was built in 1730:

Photo 4. Lovely hotel building «Volzhskaya Riviera» on the Volga river, two minutes from the Kremlin:

Photo 5. After a short walk of Uglich head on, our path runs parallel to the Volga River, lined with villages, mostly inhabited only in summer:

Photo 6. Church of St. Nicholas in the village of St. Nicholas Stern closed in 1935 and converted into a school. Currently abandoned:

Photo 7. Pretty bay:

Photo 8. Rybinsk pass through, having seen a fire tower, built in 1912. At a height of 48 meters Rybinsk-tower it is one of the highest in Russia:

Photo 9. Another 58 kilometers after the Rybinsk and we come to the village of Krasny Bor, where on the banks of the Volga «survive» his life a unique monument of wooden architecture of the second half of the XIX century — giving the merchant Sorokin:

Picture 10. Now we can only imagine what it was a summer residence. From the stories of local residents know the history of this unique monument. Like, I saw this building merchant 1865 at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, and was captivated by its fine carvings and rich finish. The house was purchased for 50 thousand rubles (crazy money at that time), disassembled and transported by Volga put in one of the most picturesque places:

Photo 11. After the Revolution, the building housed a holiday home workers, and after World War II there was a children’s camp. In our time, the lack of real owner led to the complete collapse of this unique object:

Photo 12. The last point in this train round (until 1918 — Romanov-Borisoglebsk) — a city situated on both banks of the Volga River and part of the Golden Ring of Russia. It is the result of combining two independent cities — Romanov and Borisoglebsk, located on opposite banks of the Volga, and had their own administrative and economic apparatus, in memory of the left-bank part is called Romanov side and right-bank — Borisoglebskaya:

Photo 13. The city preserved many pre-revolutionary buildings of varying degrees of preservation:

Photo 14.

Photo 15. The main attraction of the Romanov party — the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and Savior of the Transfiguration built in 1758, standing right on the banks of the Volga:

Photo 16. The main decoration Borisoglebskaya side — a beautiful ensemble of the Cathedral of the Resurrection:

Photo 17. It was built on the site of the dilapidated wooden church of Boris and Gleb, which is called for settlement in 1678:

Photo 18. One of the features of the temple — the rich painting exterior walls:

Photo 19. While waiting for the sunset, snack pancakes with tea:

20. Photo and looked at the old bridge:

Photo 21 Sunset as such did not happen, but the situation was saved lights:

Photo 22. The first line of houses by the water:

Photo 23. View of the Cathedral of the Resurrection with the Romanov party:

Photo 24.

Photo 25.

Photo 26. A farewell look at the cathedral, 300 kilometers of Yaroslavl and we are at home.

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Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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