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[:RU]How do studded snow tires[:]

[:RU]Have you ever wondered how to make winter tires? Buying them from a known brand you are sure of the quality? For bus — yes, definitely. But for the thorns?

The fact is that recently, some brands produce only the tires and studded tires, as did trading organization. What is it you nashipovali in the garage — no one knows, including who and your studded tires. In order to save often it is done in the ara-services assistant method of those thorns that Allah sent.

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Now, the law calls for organizations dealing with studded tires, comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations on the type of stud, its location, etc. But if such recommendations for Europe — the law, we have often, it remains on the conscience … That is why many tire brands, which settled in Russia, took care of the opening of its own production of studded tires. And rightly so, because we need a quality product, and not as do not want to understand who is studded this bus who her business, and just like in the
monologue Raikin about the suit … «to toggle questions?»

I decided to investigate the issue further and for studding appealed for help to Shinnik who have their production. And I recently made a tour of the bus manufacturing company Michelin. Alas, it can not be removed except the portion studding. The fact that many of the machines is a proprietary company, and it is very much guards its commercial secrets. The plant have been cases where competitors were catching spies who came to get a job and then behaved suspiciously. These spy war

Michelin came so — since they make good tires, it is necessary to answer for the quality at all stages. Once it is written on the lid «Michelin», thus responsible for the quality of the company as a whole. Therefore, in 2005 the factory in Davydovo opened shop for studding. Now all the thorns, their manufacturing technology and oshipovka meets company standards. Here, by the way, made all the tires that go to the Russian and Scandinavian market.

2. At each stage of the production of tires, there is a spike delivery strict quality control and production parameters.

3. The plant obsessed with security. For modern production is currently the norm. But I still wonder where all the staff are just through the gate, not the side.

4. The plant is fully automated studding process, which minimizes the human factor.

5. Thorns. I until they saw, dropped one spike on the floor. Immediately two employees told me that back in the bunker it is impossible to put only the scrap is now. And control where I put him. Unbelievable. And it would seem — any one spike.

6. Automatic line ensures high process stability.

7. A computer with the help of sensors is a nest of every tongue and puts it exactly into place.

8. controlling the protrusion of the spike protector and the indentation force.

9. The head closeup.

The process itself is best to look at the video, which has provided the press service of the company.

10. After studding each bus passes visual and tactile control. At each stage of the plant at all and everything is controlled bus pass quality control.

11. Soon the winter roads of the country.

12. taktiilnye incredible feeling when immersed in a hand spikes. :)

13. And the traditional question — on what you are driving in the winter? I have many years go by so-called «sticky.»

14. It can be said that the museum exhibit. The machine for manual studded tires. It is used for pilot production and single copies.

15. The company uses traditional round studs. As shown, all other forms are due course turn round or at an arbitrary angle.

16. By the way, the first in January 2016 comes into operation a new technical regulations in Russia. Now, the maximum number of spikes per meter tread is 60.

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Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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