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[:RU]Prato on Sunday[:]

[:RU]In Prato, the administrative center of the eponymous province of Tuscany, we were, as they say, from the ship to the ball, to which were not mentally prepared. The city held the Day of the province of Prato, although maybe the Italians every day — holiday. After all, only a week ago there was held the most important holiday of the city — The Nativity of the Holy Virgin. It is celebrated every year in early September, noisy and colorful carnival, which attracts people from all over Tuscany.

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1. Railway Station — Stazione di Prato Porta al Serraglio, is located almost in the center of town, close to the Cathedral Square. Therefore, we immediately joined the stream of people on its way to the central square. And our attention is scattered, because we were going to just get to know the historical center of Prato, and now this get-together …

2. The People’s Fair began almost from the station. Along the stretch of the street stalls selling handicrafts, flowers and regional desserts, cheese, wine.



5. If all of this crowded side streets were pretty deserted.

6. Folk festival was held under serious protection — as part of a police car and three people. More than any guard in the historic center have not seen.

7. Prato — at present, a suburb of Florence, became the capital of the eponymous province in 1992. In general, the history of this place goes back centuries. During excavations in Gonfienti, now one of the urban areas, found the remains of a large Etruscan town, dating back to the VII century BC, but the modern Prato, they certainly do not have a direct relationship.

8. At the heart of the old town is the Cathedral square (piazza del Duomo) with the main attraction of Prato — Cathedral, which houses an important relic of the Christian world of the Holy Belt of Virgin Mary.

9. Funny fountains with fish, a goose, a boy and a dragon crane at the Cathedral Square.

10. Close-up …





15. All the Cathedral Square crowded fairground tent — with a meal by drinking, souvenirs, and various goods.

16. At the monument Mazzoni also numerous eateries where you can eat.

17. After seeing the cathedral and hard sosredotovshis on architectural and historical sights of the city, moved on.

18. Go to another area — piazza San Francesco, in the south-west from the Cathedral Square. Direction shows a stream of people.

19. In this area, too, the people’s party in a fair, but our serious purpose — the church of St. Francis.


21. Favorite Transportation youth — motorcycles.

22. A fountain there — more than welcome. You can freshen up.

23. On the shelves — all hallmarks of the province of Prato. Since the Middle Ages, this city — one of the main centers of Italian light industry, the most commercial and entrepreneurial city of Tuscany. And after World War II was the most significant of Prato textile city in Europe, but at the beginning of the XXI century the industry understood the crisis, and every other company was forced to stop work. After they left the empty factories, which, they say, is actively used the businessmen from China.

24. At the fair — a lot of lounging books on history, art, literature.

25. And no shopping no remains.

26. Some masters showing the manufacturing process of souvenirs made of glass, is also constantly crowds.

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Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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