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[:RU]Under the old highway Yelets in Lipetsk region.[:]

[:RU]Delving into the archives found pictures from a trip to beautiful places of the Lipetsk region in the summer of 2012.
From the city went on a Friday night, having passed two days of almost 1,000 kilometers. We spent the night on the banks of the Don, a little before reaching the village Polibino where we wanted to look at the construction of the world’s first hyperboloid shape. Lipetsk region is a very good option for weekend trips, not far from Moscow, but the landscape is quite another — begins Upland.

terraoko-201601101 (5)

Photo 2. Tower, built by the engineer Shukhov for the largest pre-revolutionary Russia industrial and art exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, which was held in 1896. After the exhibition it bought YS Nechaev-Maltsev. The tower was transported disassembled in Polibino and installed on the estate Nechayev.

Photo 3.

Photo 4.

Photo 5. Upmarket pass to the next point piercing green fields:

Photo 6.

Photo 7. Church of the Mother of God «The Sign» built in 1822 in the tract Kuzminki — beautiful church in beautiful place not less than:

Photo 8.

Photo 9. Tourist parking on the beautiful Swords:

Photo 10.

Photo 11. Abandoned Dam with hydroelectric surviving building near the village Troekurovo that at the end of the XVII century it was possession Troyekurov Prince, one of the companions of Peter I:

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

Photo 14. Well, then, we went to the Valley of Rocks. Great picturesque place! From the hill on which the scattered and huge boulders, provides stunning views:

Photo 15.

Photo 16. The Valley is a pretty village Tolbuzin:

Photo 17.

Photo 18.

Photo 19. The remains of the monastery:

Photo 20. A little passed the old highway Yelets:

Photo 21. Found nice place for an overnight stay. Guys kindle BBQ, and I moved to make a few shots from a nearby hill:

22. Photos where he found a brood of turkeys:

Photo 23.

Photo 24. The next day, through the rape field drove in Yelets:

Photo 25. Elec very nice provincial town, the first mention of which relates to 1146. The main dominant of the city’s Cathedral of the Ascension, founded in 1845. Project approved himself Nikolai I, and the first stone was accompanied by the ringing of the bells of other churches:

Photo 26. Another majestic building — the church of the Holy Virgin, gradually reconstructed:

Photo 27. Znamensky monastery and unknown to me crumbling church in the foreground:

Photo 28. Fire Tower — built in 1865:

Photo 29 cents many beautiful mansions:

Photo 30. And even a whole street with well-preserved buildings, which for some reason, nothing at all:

Photo 31. A farewell look at the Ascension Cathedral, it is time to travel to the side of the house:

Photo 32. Well, then was distilled and a beautiful sunset, which had to shoot straight from the slopes: Generally Lipetsk region definitely worth a visit, but for me this trip was the «rock», it was then that I realized that I sleep in the car is not only possible, but it yet comfortable. And since then, life has never will be the same, and the road will attract more and more!

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Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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