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[:RU]How to bake bread[:]

[:RU]When you buy bread in the store, do not reflect the conditions in which it is baked. I’m sorry if you’re following my reporting will not be able to eat the bread for a few days, but from what I show you now, I was a little shocked. In our concept of everything connected with food production, it must comply with all safety standards. But is it so?

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1. Passing on regions of Russia and seeing the stores fresh bread, feeling its smell is difficult to stop and buy. Regional bread tastes like bread, which we ate as a child, since most of it is made by the Soviet guests and the old Soviet equipment. But look at the conditions in which it is done.

2. The company is a bit dark and could not but affect the quality of the photos. Available window and a small amount of light bulbs can light up 100 meter premise, but this light is enough to pay attention to the floor.

3. All the equipment at the bottom is covered with fungus.

4. On these scales weigh the flour to make bread, but put them in order or who have no desire to.

5. Hmm.

6. The conveyor to form a dough.

7. Old wood-burning stove is not used, but it is not dismantled. I think that the paper was closed down before our arrival, and at other times it is a gaping black hole dirty. Once again I draw your attention to the floor.



10. The bin of flour.

11. Kneading.


13. I like the walls?

14. And on this wall just dust that has not been washed since years … dtsat. Let me remind you that this is the district bakery. Bakery, Karl !!!

15. Another production unit. Cleanliness is poor.

16. Do not tell me that I deliberately took only govnische, there are modern Soup, but they, too, are in this room.

17. Your opinion. Should work a factory or a sign «Do not switch» is to hang at the entrance to the bread shop?

18. Of the unsold bread immediately do crunches.

19. He did not want people to publish in this post, but otherwise you might think that this is another casting 🙁 rather than current production.

20. In this feature, I did not tell you where these pictures were taken, but it is a pretty, big production, providing bread whole area. Employees take pride in their bakery products and consider it the best in the area.

To be honest, I do not understand why we showed this production. It seems that people really believe this is the norm. I am sure that many bakeries in the country is going on.

Well, you want fresh bread?

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Author: Olga Pereko[:]

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