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[:RU]Camagüey. True Cuban city[:]

[:RU]Camagüey — not the tourist, but one of the most interesting cities in Cuba. Many experts «Liberty Island» believe that it is Camagüey is the «true Cuban city.» I like simple, do not pretend to such a deep knowledge of the tourist, it is difficult to judge — but let’s try to figure out together?

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1. In the historic part of Camagüey a lot of churches.

2. Cuba — a socialist country and the attitude to religion there are contradictory. On the one hand — socialism, revolution, cult leaders; but on the other — the Catholic soul of even the most revolutionary Latin American country is hardly possible to erase. And, according to many — Catholic soul of Cuba here, in Camagüey.



5. Again, the leaders — from the facade of a house in the area of ​​Trabajadores (plaza de los Trabajadores) smiles eternally young Che Guevara.

6. However, even relentless control of leaders does not interfere with ordinary Cubans take a nap for an hour or two during working hours. :)

7. Plaza de los Trabajadores translated Area Workers. One of the interesting buildings of the area is the local post office, where another smiling portrait of Che.

8. This also goes facade of the church of Our Lady de la Merced, one of the main churches of the city, which houses the tomb of silver, made in 1762 from donated 23,000 silver coins. Before the Cuban revolution, the relic during religious holidays through the streets.

9. Opposite the church — a hotel and office buildings.

10. Greetings to Cuban workers of the Latvian SSR Autoworkers! :))

11. A little away from the area of ​​the working is the city theater.

12. The lively pedestrian street connects the plaza de los Trabajadores with the neighboring area of ​​Plaza de Maceo (Antonio Maceo Square)

13. Wonderful relief near the local theater.

14. Maceo Square — one of the most central and busiest in the city. These facades of several luxurious hotels, as well as the church Iglesia de la Soledad.



17. C roof of the hotel area of ​​Santa Maria conducted a relentless surveillance. :)

18. And now — for the time leave the lively area and dive into a string of picturesque streets of Camagüey.





23. «… And the provisions of the law to me, I award, on the advice of friends bought a car» Moskvich «. The latest model. «:)

24. Street of Christ leads us to the central city cemetery.

25. At the entrance to the cemetery is the church of Christ — another major Catholic Church Camagüey.

26. Our Lady of El Cobre — the main Catholic church in Cuba, which is in the church of the same name in the vicinity of Santiago de Cuba. We will visit there yet.

27. I’m not a big fan of walking around cemeteries and even more so taking pictures there, but for the sake of the ancient necropolis of Camagüey still possible to make an exception. As if not a cemetery at all, and the old colonial city. Or a museum.




31. We continue to explore the city, about which they say — «the Catholic soul of Cuba.»

32. In conclusion — a few photos of the area of ​​Carmen is noteworthy addition to the only church in town with two towers, and even wonderful sculptures of ordinary citizens.

33. That worker reading a newspaper …

34. Side by side resting a couple in love …

35. … And here, it seems, about something gossip … :))

36. Shu-shu-shu-shu-shu ….


38. And on the other side of the square wearily wanders elderly uncle-water carrier …

39. darkens. Camagüey — a good city. And it’s time to move on …

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