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[:RU]How do fireworks in Primorsky Krai[:]

[:RU]Before the New Year fireworks factory in the Mikhailovsky district hot. Ten people that work here, provide Christmas lights half Russian.


On seven acres of land away from the settlements are shops, transformer, pump station. In the production of its heating system, more than four kilometers of electrical wires in the case of icing or breakages clears the company itself. Build enterprise here started from scratch in 2007 — without government subsidies, only personal capital. And in 2010, first came to light seaside salutes.


The chief engineer «Salute Primorye» Sergey Zubkov leads us through the shops. In the first on special machines wound liner — tube. Thick paper in rolls of 450-500 kg. buy on the Ussuri cardboard factory. Then the tube is in the pressing plant — where it clogs 2.5 centimeters of clay. It is necessary that the liner did not break the shock wave when the gunpowder eject pyroelectric. After charging the clay it comes to the largest, assembly, workshop puncture. There on the machine to make holes, sleeves sewn Stopini — a kind of fuse. Depending on the length and number of bursts going series of tubes, they are stitched together. Since forming the battery charges.


Total factory makes 63 different kinds of fireworks. It all depends on the caliber of the tube — 1, 1.2 or 1.5 inches, from the pyroelectric element, which gives a different effect in the sky, on the number of bursts. A minimum of 19 volleys in the battery, the maximum — 150.


Now all the work moved to the assembly shop. There’s even in the most extreme cold temperature is kept at 18 degrees, and smoking is strictly prohibited. Even those who had smoked like a locomotive, throw, when they come to work at the plant.


The battery is filled with gunpowder — strictly according to the program. When it lights up, the ignition occurs pyroelement who pushed and work.

6. At the end to the «skeleton» wound colored vellum or parchment — Beauty batteries are packed in cardboard boxes. And care to customers. Mainly wholesale, but in principle can buy fireworks and a private person — in one machine can carry no more than 333 kg of pyrotechnics.


«We are the only organization to the Urals — the manufacturer of fireworks. Provides its products not only Primorye and Khabarovsk and Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Yakutia, even Omsk, Krasnoyarsk. Many fireworks purchases Blagoveshchensk — although it would seem, they have a number of China. Now we are interested Muscovites. Good negotiations for the supply of our salutes to the capital.


While we, for example, produce only batteries of salutes, and the Muscovites, there are fountains, and slamming balls and Roman candles — line more. Central wick displayed, it sets fire — tube and trigger in the sky. The range is not going to expand. Applications and so many — said the chief engineer of the organization Sergey Zubkov.


— During the year, buy fireworks for weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, graduations … And since September the wholesalers have taken care of the New Year. Last year, we charge and sold a million 200 thousand tubes — the number of batteries by not conducting, because they are different. This year, about one million. There were plates with suppliers.


Now, fortunately, we work according to plan, the application fulfills. The crisis currently, of course, lets you know. Pyroelement produced only in China and bought everything. With the appreciation of the yuan costs increased. But the price of this year we have not raised. In January and now products at the same price. When we buy raw materials in the future, prices have increased. »


As for the materials, they are mainly domestic. PVA glue barrels imported from Novosibirsk, the paper — from Ussuriysk. Only Stopini who stitched panels, and pyroelectric imported from China — they are produced only in factories in Guangzhou size of a whole city.


Each collector puts his stamp on the production. First of all, says the chief engineer, our batteries are different from China’s quality and reliability. We salute that our Asian neighbors are sold in the markets, about 40 percent nesrabotki.


«We have 99% fail, — says Sergey Zubkov. — And security. The Chinese may be enough sleep as a powder in a tube, and sleep more. They are all forces on the production and quality control is not. We have also our dispensers are — that are now just sleep on 2,5 gr. powder per tube 1.2 inches. Errors can not be. Just keep in mind that fireworks should be stored in a dark place to the sun’s rays do not fall. Away from heating appliances. They are afraid of water — powder dampen. And when you start, always make sure that no wires at the top, the trees … »


Today, the plant employs ten people from the Mikhailovsky district, each of them can do anything at any stage. They also supply a half-Russian fireworks.


Pyromancer Oksana Gorbunova — from settlement Novoshakhtinsk. I came for my sister four years ago, and so it remained. He says that work is interesting and, compared with the previous work of the seller easily.


«Everything is strictly controlled: gunpowder, babetku that was not marriage — says Oksana. — We ourselves gladly launches its fireworks! Especially «poltorashki.» They have a huge rumble in the sky! Where the Chinese to us — they are small. And we have — different colors, peonies! Maritimes prettier and more shooting, like you say. »



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