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[:RU]The feed on ordinary Chinese[:]

[:RU]As a child I have always said that in China, a lot of people and there is nothing to eat except rice. I do not visit China for the first time and I know that’s not true. I suggest you take a stroll on the Chinese supermarket in the provincial town of Qingyi of 800 thousand people. Europeans living in the city no more than 10 families, so the store is designed for the Chinese. The city is the largest supermarket, but there are a few shops a little smaller. I have to say that many of the mini market are walking distance, but the prices are even slightly higher than here, and the range considerably poorer.

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1. First of all, we hand over to the automatic camera store personal belongings. It’s free, but for the truck to be inserted into the handle bail of 1 yuan.

2. Once it has been about the rice, then him and start our purchases. Prices in the Chinese shops are indicated in RMB per 500 grams, and for ease of currency translation simply added a zero. That is 1 kilogram of rice costs 47 our Russian rubles. The cost is quite reasonable considering the salaries of Chinese workers.

3. The second most important product in China is fried noodles. Many make the noodles themselves, but I went to the shelves with the soluble noodles. Her number is simply not amenable to calculation. Sauce in each bank is different, and not as dry as in our instant noodles and canned pods. In one box may be up to 5 bags with different ingredients.

4. None of the Chinese meal is complete without soy sauce. Attention, $ 100 for a 2-liter bottle !!!

5. Surprisingly, the eggs are sold by weight. I do not buy, so I do not know how much weight a dozen :).

6. Chili. I bought for 123 rubles, and now I have enough for a year.:)

7. Vegetable oils. Sunflower, corn, rapeseed, sesame. For every taste.

8. Drink any, from mineral water to the juices, including freshly squeezed.

9. Beer from China to Germany. By the way, almost all Chinese beer goes with a reduced alcohol content. Even Chinese Tuborg — 3,1%. The cost of 25 rubles for China and 200 for import.

10. Patient theme for our citizens. IS ANY !!!

11. Oh, popem some water :). You can drink out of a paper bag. The water is cold and warm 15-20 degrees 20-35 degrees. All people.

12. Meat. The main product in the Chinese diet — chicken. The average cost of 130 rubles per kg.

13. In second place pork. For 300 rubles you will be given a great piece.

14. Sausage very peculiar, it is sweet !!! I liked, but did not have my.

15. Sausages for frying made in a supermarket. In the showcase is the date of manufacture !!! 400 rubles per kg, but fresh and without preservatives.

16. Fish Department. Wow, what a variety.


18. Fresh crab for 400 rubles per kg. For me, it’s a shock !!!

19. In addition to that we know there is still a seafood soup turtles and toads to 320 rubles. per kilo live weight.

20. Another shock I was in the department of vegetables and fruits. This range is not even in elite Russian supermarkets.

21. freshest greens are automatically sprayed with water from the green pipe.


23. 200 rubles fresh mango!


25. Imported fruit is much more expensive, but is also available.

26. The bread is also there, but the Chinese do not eat it practically.

27. Lotion expensive. A liter of milk — 100 rubles, expensive cheese, but the range is very small. Well, they do not eat it :).

28. The majority of Chinese people do not cook at home. They eat in restaurants or take the street ready meals. There they are.

29. Vegetarian sushi set — 80 rubles.

30. More gourmet sets, of course, more expensive.

31. Large range of Chinese dishes and noodle and rice.

32. A full Chinese dinner — 100 rubles.

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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