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[:RU]Tromso — «most» northernmost city in Norway.[:]

[:RU]Tromso — savor lips unfamiliar name of the northern Norwegian town … And again — Tromso. Something’s northern, well, of course, it slips in the word. And of course, there has to be a story about fishing, about the fact that there is often the Northern Lights, and about the empty streets, which can roam, meditating on impermanence, too, can tell. And about the brewery would be … for a moment, Mack Brewery, founded already in 1877, it is the most northerly pub on the globe! This fact alone makes the beer lovers to fly to Tromso and order a pint of dark ale, but how else?
It would be possible to continue the story, remembering the explorers of the Arctic, well, or about the northernmost zoo. Yes, he too is in it, judging by the photos, inconspicuous and colorless Tromso. In general, a kind of city-snuff, but today the sky above dramatik-dramatik and harsh Norwegian spirits decided to play with a few tourists in their favorite game when a lot of snow and wind, and though you do not harbor no yes no, get fresh dose in the face! Such here harsh manners.

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1 Tromsø is a monument to the polar expeditions of Amundsen. This is where the food was brought to his sled dogs — 20 tons of dried cod.

2 Behind the glass walls of the building is a wooden ship, the exhaust 44 of the season.


4 This bridge (1 km. 36 m) was built in 1960 according to the architect Erling Vikshё and was designed to facilitate the transport of goods. Previously, it used the ferry, whose work is dependent on the weather.

5 View of the city from a height. It is believed that the mountains surrounding the city to protect it from the open sea and cold winds from Lapland. But the feelings, Tromso simply open to all northern winds.



8 Storm, the storm will break …

9 In addition to us, on the slopes of the mountain were a few tourists, but they quickly «notes» near the station, a couple of selfikov and back. Ours was not to stop, sometimes sounded the idea to rise here in the evening, but the idea of ​​the pub attracted me personally much more than another piece of snow in his face.

10 building cable car at the top of the mountain. That’s where the snow galore. Mostly drifts above 2 meters, and employees do not have to be bored here.


12 This place is considered to be the best from the local beach. Well, here they are, the harsh Norwegian rest here, sunbathe …

13 Ice bright blue around Tromsø. It really is an unusual sight when the whole world is black and white suddenly a bright spot in the midst of the blue! Someone in the group even exclaimed in surprise.

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