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[:RU]The most famous walls in the world.[:]

[:RU]For millennia, people erect walls. Some structures have wiped time. Others have appeared recently. Remember the most famous.

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The walls of Sacsayhuaman (Peru)

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The name comes from the Quechua language of the South American nation — literally «fed hawk.» A legend says that on the site of the capital of the Inca Empire in the old days «went into the land of the golden rod» of the first Incas — Manco Capac. When his descendants at the turn of centuries XV-XVI Sun is building a house on a hill, the sanctuary was surrounded by three jagged zigzag walls of blocks and boulders of gray limestone yukayskogo without fastening solution. And in terms of the city of Cusco resembles the sacred animal of the Incas — puma. The walls of Sacsayhuaman — teeth in its mouth. We worked more than 50 years. The most vulnerable section of the wall closed the 400-meter length and raised at 6 s. Clearing the parapets behind which the soldiers. Inputs blocked lifting stones. According to the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, part of «History of the Incas», «teeth» of the walls that go through the kinks, as if in a staggered manner, allowed the attackers to drive in the crossfire. Since 1983, about Sacsayhuaman walls under the protection of UNESCO.

Babylonian wall (Iraq)

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Babylon — «Gate of the Gods» and «the first metropolis» Ancient Mesopotamia. Defended by a moat 80 meters wide and three belts impregnable walls. The earliest and most include Apel Sina. References to them are preserved only in cuneiform era I Dynasty king — Sumuabuma. Home Wall — Imgur-Enlil (with a total perimeter of more than 8000 m) — fragments still preserved. It dates back to the final Kassite period when Mesopotamia appeared symmetrical layout of settlements. Nemedia-Enlil — thinner and below — in the form of a shaft. Both after the Pyramids of Giza is the second age of the 7 wonders of the world. Nebuchadnezzar II in the era of Neo-Babylonian Empire — about 600 BC — Added their «oriental hook.» I brought the main thickness of up to 5.5 m. To dig ditches to groundwater. On the western side of the Euphrates he founded a new part of the city and surrounded by a wall. So grown monolithic quad strengthening through which a river. On the outskirts of built a wall, creating additional shelter.

Hadrian’s Wall (UK).

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The boundary of the Roman Empire since its heyday and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Named in honor of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who took the throne in 117 AD, and turn «shaft» in one of the most ambitious projects of its most iconic monument to the British antiquity. Hand three legions built of stone and peat for 126 to 122 years. The reason — the incessant attacks of the Picts (colored) and units Brigante Celtic tribe that inhabited the lands of Scotland. The length of 120 km, width — about 3 m, height — from 4.5 up to 6. Crosses the island in a narrow isthmus — along the border area of ​​the fortress Sigidunum the river Tyne to the Gulf of Solway Firth. Supplementing the chain of forts, which can accommodate from 60 to 1,000 soldiers. Spaced apart by 1300 m. After 500-m — and even signal tower. With Adrianova American novelist George RR Martin «wrote off» for his ice fantasy series «The Song of Ice and Fire.»

Great Wall the town of Ston (Croatia)

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«Wall Mediterranean» — the longest in Europe — 7 km. After the earthquake in 1667 were 5.5 th. When she began to build a Venetian master in 1334-m, Peljesac peninsula came under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Dubrovnik. Then, in need of protection, not only the town of Ston, and unique deposits of salt. In 1506-m in the construction of the wall, corked narrow peninsula from the mainland, put an end, strengthening 40 towers and 5 fortresses. By the time the Republic of saltworks brought 15,900 ducats a year. Now the wall wandering crowds, not halberdier guarding the «white gold».

Great Wall Kumbalgarh (India)

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«The Great Wall of India». In ancient times it was called «the eye of Mewar» (Guardian of Death). The oldest and second continuous length on the planet — 36 km. Width — 4,5 m. 7 gates, 700 bastions inside the fort Kumbalgarh and more than 360 temples. Located in the central part of the western state of Rajasthan. At an altitude of 1050 m. In the Aravali Mountains. They built more than 100 years. When we started in 1143-m, collapsed. And then, according to legend, the ruler Rana Kumbha guru predicted that the wall will not stand, until appease the gods. And some pilgrim sacrificed himself. On the site of his grave was erected the main gate.

Israeli West Bank barrier

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703 km with a 60-meter strip of alienation of Israel began to conduct along the West Bank during the premiership of Ariel Sharon in 2003. Only 25 km around Jerusalem — from reinforced concrete. The rest — the usual metal fence with barbed wire and motion sensors. Protects border villages from Palestinian terrorist attacks, sniper fire and did not allow mixed Arab Jewish population. Hague court found a «barrier» violation of international law, but the number of terrorist attacks has been halved.

Walls of Constantinople (Turkey)

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When in the IV century AD Constantine the Great founded the city on the seven hills of his name, ordered to build a wall to protect it from raids of barbarian tribes. When in the V century the throne of the Eastern Roman Empire took Theodosius II, the city has stepped over the line semiholmovya, and the barbarians have not calmed down. And with about 408 of the 413th were building a new defensive ridge length of 5630 m. After the earthquake of 447, it strengthened and dug a wide ditch. The height of the inner wall — 12m. Width — 5 s. 100 of the towers 20 meters high are every 55 m. The outer wall — lower and thinner. Of the 96-and its towers — 10 s travel. A triumphal — it Golden Gate — three marble arches crowned by an allegory of winged Victoria. The average wall length of 1250 m — the most vulnerable. That they stormed in 1453-m during the siege of Constantinople by Mehmed II.

PS In this article we purposely did not mention about the Great Wall of China, in fact about it so everyone knows.

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