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[:RU]Street food in the sea of ​​Shenzhen. China.[:]


In China, a very popular street food. Typically, a small pedestrian street, along which there are a variety of restaurants or lined with stalls selling street food. All this looks very interesting, and most importantly delicious. In Shenzhen, we met these two streets. The story of one of them will be lower

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This street at first glance is nothing special. A lot of advertising signs, a lot of people, tables in the streets ..

But if you go through it a little further, it will open your eyes a paradise for sea food


Here you will find the marine reptiles for every taste, color and budget


Most of all I was struck by this .. Clam? sole? Who is this guy?)


But this crab is smiling and seems to say: «ps, the guy does not want to eat?»


In good weather, there is not overcrowded


Every restaurant are aquariums with marine life. You choose what your taste, a special person catches it weighs. Then the waiter asks, how would you like to cook it, and then you just have to wait.


Here you can enjoy kite


We are very much tupili front of the counter. Everything is so unusual and strange … Those shrimp live, I had not seen before, and at first they did not even recognized


And then for a long time could not decide how it all cook. Many ways, and that we offer — it is not very clear


As a result, the choice is made and sent to our dinner on the scales


Once again we admire this beast


Crabs live at the bottom right. With that, wherever I have not seen them: in the store, on the market in the cafe — they live so twisted and left to lie



But what we got in the end. The most delicious of all this — tiger prawns. The score came a little more than 200 yuan (2 thou. Rubles)


How to get there: you have to get on the street Leyuan. 10 minutes walk from the Metro Hubei. You can walk from the pedestrian street.

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