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[:RU]The world’s largest solar telescope[:]

[:RU]In the US state of Arizona, on top of Mount Kitt Peak, it is a complex of three solar telescopes, the center of which is the largest in its category telescope for all our planet.

Let’s find out more about it …

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Photo 2.

Photo 3. In the largest of the three telescopes, there is nothing but mirrors. No diaphragms and lenses. It is obvious that such a directed beam of sunlight gets very hot to the elements of the telescope. The diameter of the device, which was built back in 1962 is 1.6 meters. Despite the fact that the telescope MakMata Pierce focused exclusively on sun, it can be observed and some of the brightest stars. To the left and right of the main telescope, operated two subsidiary. In addition to the scientific interest, the world’s largest solar telescope is and architectural value.


Photo 4.

It is still not clear why sunlight is missing some colors. The picture shows all the colors emitted by the Sun in visible light. This light is passed through a device similar to prizme.Spektr, which is shown in the above picture was obtained in the Solar Observatory MakMata Pierce. The spectrum shows that our yellow Sun emits light of nearly every color, although, of course, bright yellow-green part of the spectrum. The dark bands in the spectrum are due to the fact that the gas from the Sun’s surface absorbs the light emitted by its lower layers.



Since different types of gas absorb light of different colors, so the spectrum, we can determine from which gasses compose the sun. Thus, helium was first discovered in 1870 on a solar spectrum and only later found here on Earth. Today, most of the absorption lines in the solar spectrum identified. But not all
the way human color perception was not always so, as it is now. More recently, the human eye-brain did not exist blue.

But in the above «spectrum» no blue and purple, lime green through blue becomes.

Or do you see differently?

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Photo 6.

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