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[:RU]As shunting locomotives in Bryansk[:]

[:RU]Work shunting locomotives are usually not very noticeable eye passengers, which is quite logical. Nonetheless, from this it becomes less important. As shunting locomotives and commonly used today, we’ll look at how to make shunting locomotives at the Bryansk Engineering Plant. Go?

terraoko-201512258 (2)

1. Diesel starts with the frame, and the frame itself is welded from metal elements like these


3. The frame is going step by step moves items






9. The assembly is made of cycles. In this case, every 10.5 hours locomotive moves from position to position

And accordingly, for each cycle of the plant leaves locomotive

10. Everything should be properly tailored, deviations are not allowed. To test using a control booth

11. Measure the distance from the frame members to check points on the floor

12. Protection of labor here — not an empty phrase

13. At an average salary of Bryansk in 27 thousand rubles, BMZ, the figure is 37

14. But let us return to our shunting locomotives. Finished frame passes blasting to remove defects and is primed

15. Next, stretch the power cables

16. Mounted Equipment

17. Parts of the body

18. Gradually, the locomotive is becoming more similar to what we’re used to seeing on the rails





23. Customer shunting locomotives is both Railways and various plants, large-scale production, the Ministry of Defense, other countries, etc.

24. A different wiring is going on a special site


26. And the last stage — painting


28. BMZ produces about 100 shunting locomotives a year

In addition to the locomotives TEM18, the plant also is working on advanced TEM28

29. In the following entries I will talk about the production of diesel locomotives and many other things, a lot of interesting material. Do not switch:)

30. Thank you for your attention!

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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