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[:RU]Unique drevolaznye goats[:]

[:RU]Drevolaznye goats in Morocco are very similar to Christmas ornaments on a Christmas tree. Well, the truth, for the ordinary Russian people see a tree goats chewing the bark, very strange. Some of them are taken to the height of more than five meters, and surprisingly as a ungulates held on thin branches of the tree.

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Wood, by the way, not easy. It called Moroccan endemic argan tree is famous for its fruits, seeds, from which oil is particularly tight. It is used in cosmetics and has some incredible properties. For comparison, a year produced only 12 million liters of argan oil, while, for example, sunflower — 9 billion …

Seeds of argan small, slightly larger pistachios. To get the oil before it is necessary to split the shell:


Usually women do manually:


It looks like the kernel:


Then twist the bones and crushed at the mill have oil:


Here in the photo argan oil (light), cake (dark) and honey (with some oil composition):


Encroach on short tasting, we got into the trap of marketing local dealers:


Immediately it began advertising the unique properties of oils and preparations:


They say the main purchaser of argan oil are the French cosmetics company, but I think that it is gullible tourists:


If not interested in cosmetics, spices offer of argan:


As for prices, a jar of 400 ml costs 400 dirhams. It is about 40 euros. And on the street, you can buy three times cheaper, but businessmen and highly discouraged — there supposedly defective goods:


Meanwhile, the goat watched the streams of tourists and argan eat for free:


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