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[:RU]Dafen Village artists in China.[:]

[:RU]Today I want to walk with you for such a beautiful place in Shenzhen, as a village of artists. When I was a guide to the city, only one name attracted me. So what is it?

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This village became known for thousands of copies of famous masterpieces, reproductions of paintings, for which go to China hundreds of entrepreneurs and art from around the world.
In fact it is not even a village, a district on the outskirts of Shenzhen.
It all began in the early 1990s, when a group of twenty artists under the direction of artist and businessman Huang Jiang settled in this city. They specialize in making copies of paintings by great masters.
Then copies sold in the developed countries at relatively low prices.
The operation was very successful, the demand for copies of all the time growing up, so that Juan had to continually increase the capacity by new artists.
Business strengthened so that today about 60% of all copies of the world is produced in Dafen.
Many hardworking Dafen village have degrees from prestigious art academies, but were unable to find work more impressive, doing dozens of similar works in the day.
Paint a picture on the streets. Before the artists hang photos of original paintings, with which they make rubbings and duplicates.
On the Internet, I read that the average cost of a single oil paintings, is 40-60 Dolar.
Although there are paintings and cheaper.


Again, the Internet write that artists can earn up to $ 800 a month, while the apprentices there is a separate charge — 30-40 cents per picture. But the latter sounds quite implausible

Near the village is the art museum
Now, let’s take a closer look picture

Many of the pictures are very beautiful. I even hung a couple in the room
To be honest, in the painting I am not strong. Perhaps we were a lot znamentyh paintings, but I did not know and did not recognize
I am among all this variety was trying to find just one painting — the Mona Lisa.
There were also funny pictures. For example, the box in costume)
Very beautiful scenery
Upper left — a copy of Van Gogh. The rest do not know)
A Dzhokonodu we eventually found. Not that it was similar to the original, but still)
Will in Shenzhen — must drive into Dafen. Though the path and not close, but the campaign is interesting here. Maybe then look after themselves).

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