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[:RU]Where does the Jordanian bread[:]

[:RU]I’ve always wondered human perseverance. Whether Ingush generic tower built for the ages, but the owners often had to relocate, or domestication of wild and not intended for the cultivation of land of any crop.
The area of Jordan — mostly desert, mountains and the salty Dead Sea. When you look at a country through the eyes of a man with Upland becomes unclear not only how and why people live here, but what do do. What to eat the sheep in the wilderness? Why in a bare field in the sands defeated Bedouin Camp? Nevertheless, there is a small oasis, which supplies the country with fresh vegetables and even lets you export them to the international market.

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— 01 —

This oasis can exist only near a large river, and the river Jordan is essentially one — Jordan. That’s just in the Jordan Valley is the breadbasket and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. But this is not paradise on earth.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,
— 02 —

The greens here are, but it grows only in places where the water is brought. And the water — this is the main problem. More precisely, the problem of lack of water.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 03 —

Generally, the drip irrigation method is used, each timber is connected to the system. More cost irrigation channels for such a climate is not suitable, the water loss will be huge.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 04 —

Normal watering — too large luxury due to loss of moisture and used for individual cultures.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 05 —

They say we are wrong tree on New Year’s Eve dress up. Initially, instead of Christmas trees it was a different plant. I am not surprised. The Bible places no trees, there are palm trees!
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 06 —

Distributed and greenhouses. Freeze in forty-degree heat does not threaten the harvest, but keep the water these facilities help.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 07 —

Outside the oases irrigated land looks like. Moreover, it is suitable for grazing land, since it at least something somehow grows. In the desert there is not even this, sand and stones.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 08 —

Once the Jordan was overflowing river that feeds the Dead Sea. Now the river has become a small stream and nothing can no longer feed. The population of each of the banks of the Jordan over the past forty years has increased eight-fold in the mountains built 13 locks, blocked the small river and the water does not reach the sea.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 09 —

From mountain water reservoirs on the field goes on schedule. In the event of unforeseen disruptions at every field has a small tank with a supply of moisture. In the eighties, the country was in a deep economic collapse and wonder Jordanians love and revere their King Hussein, as it was he who brought the country out of a deep decline. Then, in the eighties, he began to rule with a few changes in the global economy, including agriculture.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 10 —

At that time, the country bought almost everything. It is fair to say that now a considerable share of imports. However, the need for some products not only covers the UK, but also exports these same products on the international market. For example, the Ministry of Agriculture has reported to increase the volume of exports in 2014 to 42% in value terms compared to the year 2011. However, nature is difficult to fool, and this growth without a parallel increase of fertile land is impossible, and there is no place to take water. So, judging by the numbers (to 841.4 thous. Tons in 2011 to 888 ths. Tons in 2014), they have either switched to more expensive culture, or simply sell more expensive.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— eleven —

Grow here and bread. But despite all the efforts, all the grain is mainly equal to the purchase. Until the 70s less than million population lacked its grain, but people became more fertile land is less than the volume produced today will only last for nine days. The government has decided quite interesting question with cheap and accessible to all bread.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 12 —

As I said, the grain purchased by the Jordanian state in the world markets, mainly from Russia, Canada and the United States at a price of 350 dollars per tonne and resold to private traders, bakers in the form of flour at the price of 50 dinars (1 dinar — about 1.4 dollar). This meal you can see in the photo. Those. a large part of the cost of the state compensates. In turn, the bakers are required from this flour for bread oven public penny price. For one dinar (95 rubles today) you can buy 6 kilograms of this bread, 1 kg costs 17 kopecks local. This is a fixed price, the same for the entire country.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 13 —

Flour for bread is different whiteness and quality. Oddly enough, the rest of flour products (buy it at the market price) is not only much more expensive, but lower grade, gray. The turnover of white flour is under constant control. If auditors detect inappropriate use of the «state» or mix with flour — in addition to the offender faces a large fine deprivation of the license.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 14 —

Bread — the only thing that the government supports their subsidies. Subject of bread is quite popular in the country. Despite the value of a penny, and so even this bread may not buy everything. One time community activists organized action when anyone could buy bread and put it on a special shelf for the poor.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 15 —

Bread is not familiar to us loaves and cakes that resemble pits. After the usual kneading and forming pellets, they are orderly go into the furnace. For their lack of readiness for half a minute without stopping, the same conveyor, they go upstairs to the store.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 16 —

Below goes the dough on top of the cake ready.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 17 —

And here is the shop. Those cakes already packed into bags. By the way, very tasty.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 18 —

Outside bake cakes in the tandoor. Sorry, could not find out whether these are bakers of white flour or baking of the road. In the background, doing some buns, so they definitely out of the ordinary flour.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 19 —

As in any Arab country, Jordan a lot of sweets and goodies. Here is the pastry department in stores. In general, it is almost like we have.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 20 —

And this is a special department in an expensive store. And buyers here correspond to the price. Not everywhere is selling Jordanian sweets, the delight of the UAE.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 21 —

But the exact Jordanian. I really wanted to make the process of cooking all these beautiful, but came to Amman to Eid al-Adha, of course, no one was working. The hosts clicked his tongue, shook his head and said that if that’s yesterday, we prepared the night before and the day off!
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 22 —

Well, it’s downright traditional sweets kanafeh. I photographed kanafeh, dealer snapped to attention and was afraid to move  dynamics of the scene made a man buys kanafeh themselves and at the same time, decided to treat me. Apparently, I was kind of hungry 
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 23 —

Kanafeh — it’s very sweet cheese cake of semolina. It is not clear, huh? It is made from groats mannogo test is laid out goat cheese. All this is a huge deal on a tin plate is heated evenly on the burner, after which the cheese is compacted and the whole structure is inverted. The whole thing poured sugar syrup, sprinkled with pistachios and other nuts. In short, it’s a blast calories. Local pounds and buy it also devours pounds of coffee. Tea somehow not talking. As for me, so dubious pleasure — very sweet semolina and cheese.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

— 24 —

Despite the fact that almost all the fertile lands became a neighbor of Israel, the Jordanians do not lower hands and try to develop what is. But the country’s huge population influx of refugees and the situation in the east to stop this flow does not have.
Jordan, Jordan's agriculture,

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