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[:RU]How to recycle oil. Antipinsky Refinery[:]

[:RU]Do you think that can be made from oil? It turns out that a lot of things, sometimes completely unexpected! For example, the well-known remedy for fever and headache — aspirin. Agree, not many people know that aspirin is made from derivatives of petroleum products.

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The basis for the production of aspirin is phenol, a solution which has antiseptic properties. To obtain phenol, the oil must be processed twice. In the primary stage of crude oil under various temperature divided into several different fractions — heavy oil, tar, kerosene, diesel fuel, and so on. D.

At the stage of recyclable material should be heated again, and under the action of catalysts of oil breaks down into its constituent parts. During formed benzene. This conversion process is called reforming. Already from benzene via a series of chemical reactions prepared phenol. So with the help of science and petroleum industry can work wonders.

I must say, the oil firmly established in our everyday lives. Synthetic clothing, including stockings, lipstick, eye shadow, perfume, toys, even a sausage and eggs can be made with the use of petroleum products. And that’s not to mention the fuel.

Refining in Russia is well developed. Large plants are in St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Samara Region, Khabarovsk Territory and other regions. Most plants in the country produces diesel fuel, and becoming increasingly widespread ecological class «Euro-5». This is due to the president’s call to move to a new standard for the resolution of issues of import substitution now more than ever.

If you pay attention to is the oil region of the country — the Tyumen region, we can say with confidence that it does not lag behind the general trend. Take, for example, local businesses — Antipinsky refinery. He launched a diesel fuel class «Euro-5» in September and released in the month up to 200 thousand. Tons of fuel. By the way, this fuel plant provides not only the county and the country, as well as supplies abroad. So if you are suddenly going to refuel somewhere in England, diesel fuel, it is likely that it could be done just in Tyumen.

Himself Antipinsky Refinery won this year’s 13th place among the largest Russian companies in the oil and gas industry according to the international rating agency RAEX. And not just — it production capacity is more than 9 million tons of oil per year.

The progress of the enterprise is not in place, and in December the plant was opened, the second launch complex III technological line that will allow the Tyumen Region 92 and 95 of its gasoline production in January 2017. Antipinsky refinery raises the technological development of oil refining in the region to a new level, and plans to increase the rate of oil refining depth from 54% to 97%.

The highest depth of refining in Russia at the Omsk refinery — 93.38%. So 97% — an excellent result, and Antipinsky refinery has all chances to become a leader in the Russian market. When using the combination of a delayed coking tar to shop vacuum distillation of fuel oil, diesel oil output to increase by 50%, and coke will replace oil as a by-product production. A Coke is known to demand in the industry and actively sold.

According to Chairman of the Board of Directors Antipinsky refinery Dmitry Mazurov, the company reached its peak in terms of processing and will not further increase production capacity, but instead will focus on high-tech processes and increase the range of products — the plant will produce high-octane gasoline, natural gasoline stabilization, diesel vacuum gas oil, coke, and liquid sulfur dioxide.

No less interesting is the fact that such large-scale innovation is planning to implement a private factory, independent of «Gazprom» and «Lukoil». The governor of the region Vladimir Yakushev called Antipinsky refinery flagship of the Tyumen region in terms of investment, number of jobs created, production technologies, as well as solving problems of import substitution and the transition to standards «Euro 5». Construction of Stage III at the company is an important and necessary investment, and the amount it was allocated rather big — 72 billion rubles.

In general, the development of industry in the region paid much attention. In the register of the Tyumen region in 2014 was more than 280 investment projects worth 1.3 trillion. rubles. Their implementation will give the area more than 33 thousand. Jobs. In 2015, opened 16 new businesses and employs over 6 thousand. People, and in 2016 plans to implement 9 projects with 2.5 thousand jobs.
Existing progress and investment potential of the Tyumen region have not remained in the shadows: in 2014 region took the 5th place on the development of the investment environment in the rating of the Ministry of Economic Development. And I think, with these perspectives on progress will not stop. Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!

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