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[:RU]Moroccan street food[:]

[:RU]Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech — the most colorful market of Morocco, this open-air theater. During the day it does not represent anything special, but at night all space with thousands of lights illuminate the area restaurants and shops. It adds spice to the fact that the Jemaa el-Fnaa translated as «dead area». Until the 19th century it was used for the slave trade, as well as served as a place of public executions. Although, given the times and customs, the goal was exactly the same — to give the people bread and circuses.


Today I want to stay in first position of the «fundamental menu» and show the Moroccan street food. Get ready to see not only the beauty and yummy, but less tasty specialties — snails, tongues, hooves …

Jemaa El Fna Square has become world famous in the 1970s when hundreds of hippies went to Morocco for kifemom — local marijuana, which is then sold freely. And in 2008 the site was included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage:


Colourful clothes and light reminiscent of showcases with colorful Moroccan slippers, Grandma:


The market is divided into sectors, red roofs under a special area with restaurants:


Storefronts look very nice, and the contents of shelves appetizing:


You can dial yourself different vkusnyashek. You cook them immediately:


I do not understand why, but all the stalls are bottles of Fanta. It seems that traders have paid early display:




A number of stalls sell all kinds of meat — boiled, stewed, roasted:


Behind them — exotic, like a hamburger with an unidentified animal brains:


Languages, hooves and snouts. Br-rr …


Very popular snail:


They were subjected to thermal treatment at first glance, however, difficult to determine exactly which — whether fried, or hover, or quenched. It looks awful:


After looking at snails, appetite disappears completely, and even the normal meat begins to be suspicious:


Despite the appearance mess, traced some organization. For example, all stalls numbered. Do traders might even have something like approval. It calms and gives some hope that we are not here to poison:


Soup for the three dirham (about 30 cents). Cafes are usually arranged elementary: a semicircle of tables from the cook and his plate:


Prepare tea Moroccan immediately heat the barbecue:


Separately, there is a playground with fruit and juices:



Still there is a tent with dates, dried apricots, figs and nuts:


They offered some cake, but I refused. Confused presence of glasses. No one knows by chance, what is it?


Between the tents scurry back and forth with the traders, «sweet» carts:


In general, the Jemaa el-Fnaa — an interesting place and strongly recommended to visit. Stay Tuned!


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