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[:RU]Life on the beach in Burma.[:]

[:RU]In the former capital of the Burmese Empire — the city of Mandalay, on the banks of the Irrawaddy River has a beach where sun loungers and no tourists. Instead, along the shoreline stretched village, where people live their entire families in tiny shacks and work on unloading of various goods, are constantly arriving at various courts.
Under the cut photos surprisingly open and cheerful villagers, daily workers and living in very difficult conditions.

terraoko-201512167 (2)


Photo 2. The first, strangers who have come to the territory of the village meet vigilant Children:

Photo 3. With the support of pets:

Photo 4. Which, incidentally, is very friendly:

Photo 5. The kids flock from all over the village, quickly found out about tourists who have come to them, handing out candy. :)

Photo 6.

Photo 7.

Photo 8.

Photo 9. Adults, meanwhile, are busy with their chores do not pay us much attention. Some women busy washing:

Photo 10.

Photo 11. Other cooking:

Photo 12. Many nursing babies:

Photo 13.

Photo 14. The rest are mostly hard work.
On the loading of sand:

Photo 15. Firewood:

Photo 16. Or bamboo:

Photo 17.

Photo 18. Beauty:

19. Photo Steam treatments without leaving the workplace:

Photo 20.

Photo 21. Across the street from the beach is a small but colorful market:

Photo 22. Filled with a variety of «snacks»:

Photo 23.

24. Photo and funny kids:

Photo 25.

Photo 26.

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