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[:RU]Blue city in Africa.[:]

[:RU]Many buildings in the medina of Rabat, and indeed in Morocco, painted in blue color. Even the famous house Yves Saint Laurent is replete with all shades of blue. This fashion began in the city of Chefchaouen in 1930 — the Jewish refugees was considered a symbol of the blue sky. More say blue because of its similarity to water deters mosquitoes. I do not know how true this is, but the fact that he consistently attracts tourists — it’s a fact. And today, the blue walls in conjunction with a fiery sunset bring to the city a unique landscape, with nothing incomparable flavor …

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Having arrived in Casablanca in the morning, we went to dinner in Rabat. On the highway, you can easily reach in half an hour. The only thing that slows down — the posts of traffic police, whose members strive to look in the window and trunk:


Moroccan road signs:


Women waiting for the bus at the bus stop:


The first place we went to — is a royal palace. There are many such residences, between which rolls the head of state:


In Rabat, also a main palace, where King often lived and worked:


In Morocco, there is a tradition to stand at the gates of the Palace of the representatives of all kinds of forces represented in the kingdom. To distinguish them can form. The meaning of this invention, not only in Paphos. Military watching one another, and the king, thus trying to protect themselves against the military coup.

Form soldier looks funny. In other circumstances, they would fit perfectly into the team of animators McDonald:


Ancient trees in the royal garden:


The necropolis of Shelley. Or rather, what was left of it after the earthquake in 1755. Initially, this land belonged to Carthage. Subsequently, the Phoenicians founded a colony, but were exterminated by the Roman legions. When there was the Roman Empire, here come the barbarians, who in turn were destroyed by the Arabs. And each people makes the ensemble of necropolis Shell some unique construction:


Pay attention to the clay walls. Holes have been made to preserve the integrity of the walls (although the length of the crack in the center of it is clear that without much success):


Local animators cheap popular musicians. Most of the time they sit and count the crows, but hardly on the horizon there is a bus, they are like conscripts, jump, five seconds clothe the «form» and headlong rush to tourists. At the head of their brush, which made waving while playing music:


Beautiful light from the setting sun:


Inside is really in ruins and stormy vegetation:


Funny tree with branches ridiculous as the figures preschool children:





In the ruins of the necropolis so many storks. Each tree, each visible roof of the huge nest:



All the musicians are closely watching the tourists with cameras and present the bill for each shot:


On the way to the Old Town is rapidly beginning to get dark:




Boats have been in the shadows:



In the Old City had the most-most in the region, when the sun was ready is about to roll over the horizon:






On the lookout all make self phone:


Then another guy photographs, although it may seem that they are looking at the sun holding hands. No, Morocco is:


Almost full moon:


The narrow streets of the Moroccan. I have heard many of purpose on guard for hours, until the street will not do some interesting and colorful character:


Finally, seeing the mausoleum of Mohammed V. Morocco liberator we have arrived in the dark, but saw a beautiful light.

Mohammed V and King was Sultan of Morocco, lived from 1909 to 1961 Sultan lived a very hard life, he had to endure persecution and to fight for the independence of the state. However, he became the first king of Morocco after the country was liberated from the French authorities. In memory of the merits of the governor, the local people decided to build a mausoleum after his death:


In the next post I will talk about the city of Fez — the oldest of the four imperial cities of Morocco. Stay Tuned!


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