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[:RU]How does Amazon’s service[:]

[:RU]The chances that one day Chinese companies have been pushed out of other Internet sellers are growing every year, but so far the competition they can still make such giants as Amazon. We will not focus on which country actually produces a large part of their range, and focus on the working conditions of employees of Amazon, as well as the device, perhaps the most confusing for the viewer outside of the department — the warehouse of the company.

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In the Amazon all call their 90 warehouses scattered across the globe, executive center.

Most staff work necessary to do in the holidays. At this time, the number sent daily from each warehouse premises may reach a million pieces, and the working day lasts 12 hours.

In 2014, Amazon hired an additional approximately 20,000 full-time employees.

Warehouse workers receive from 10 to 14 dollars an hour and have a mandatory health insurance.

The biggest Executive Centre is located in the Amazon Phoenix, Arizona. Its area is comparable to 28 football fields.

Requirements for the employees say that they should be able to pick up at a time up to 22 kilograms and spend 10-12 hours a day on their feet.

Depending on the type of activity the warehouse workers are between 11 and 23 kilometers a day on the site.

In 2011, the temperature inside the IC in Pennsylvania rose to 45 degrees Celsius, causing the scandal. Commonplace, it is believed to increase to 30-32 degrees.

Almost every site sends goods pinged with a hand scanner to make it easy to trace the execution of the order.

Conveyor belts move so fast that the IC in Kentucky for the second time to treat employees more than 400 orders.

The so-called collectors are packed with goods from one order to then put them in the original box Amazon.

There are certain algorithms to quickly identify what kind of packaging to be collected to place the order.

Some possible processes are optimized by means of robots.

In 2012, Amazon bought for $ 775 million company to manufacture robots Kiva Systems. In 2014, already about 15,000 Kiva robots worked in IC 10 across America.

One of the reasons is the constant complaints of employees that the company monitors their every move, and compares them with other productivity.

Large storage areas are also becoming objects of constant reproach. Many people spend most of their breaks just out to get to destinations.

At the entrance and exit of all employees undergo mandatory inspection of personal belongings. Sometimes you can stand in line up to 25 minutes.

Some restrictions such as a ban on the use of lipstick female staff or drink water only from bottles leaders a few years ago unsuccessfully tried to justify the proximity of people with robots. Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!

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