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[:RU]A little-known Ireland — two picturesque villages on the beach (County Cork).[:]

[:RU]Some time ago, I went to Roche’s Point, cimpatichnoe place near Cork. Perfect when you want a ride somewhere close, take a stroll. Plus, the sea, and has a good beach nearby. However, many beaches in Ireland, they are big, beautiful and sandy, but very much useless because of the climate and northern location. But take a walk in the fresh air — and why not, it is useful for clearing the lungs. Near the sleepy village with a nice and cozy with colorful little cottage.
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Immediately on entering the mouth of Cork harbor, the lighthouse. Geographic visibility of the lighthouse fire is 20 nautical miles (37 kilometers). Patriotic Irishmen claim that the Cork Harbour is the second largest natural harbor in the world. Of course, it is not. Beautiful, but there is light at the bay and bigger.

Some of the houses you can rent and stay a week or two, watching sunrises, sunsets on the beach and rare passing ships away from the hustle and bustle of the earth. Perhaps, such an option is suitable for those who do creative individuals Introverts also will feel good here. I was on the second day would be boring.

A device for the birds.

Group colored houses in the range.

View of the estuary from a distance of 2 kilometers. Next — Keltikovoe Sea and the Atlantic. Let me remind you here that the April 11, 1912 in the evening in the Atlantic Ocean came «Titanic» after a short parking in the roads in Queenstown (now the Cove — Cobh).

Right there, we just have to go down the path to the coast — gorgeous beach. Irish Island located 1,000 km south, be it pan-European Sanatorium number 2.

More views of the beach. On the horizon — out into the open sea.

A few days later we went to a neighboring village Guileen, which ultimately was not met a living soul, except shaggy coastal guards. But like the village itself, as never travel, even a single pub was closed.

View of the coast to the nearest announcement hill. Enough gray, but we have already arrived in the evening, plus gloomy weather, hinting at rain, which later happened.

We went down to the concrete slipway leading to the water. On the way I saw a sign with the rules of fishing on sea bass. Catch for personal use may be not more than 2 fishes per day, except during spawning naturally. Vaughn right Kamenyuki usually fishermen out there and catch their prey.

Mark on the sea, and now a little walk through the village.

I met a traditional Irish cottage, with stone walls and thatched roof almost. That which is usually the Skansen, the ethnographic museum in the open air. And there is quite a house, despite the claim that such dwellings gradually disappear, and the straw is changed to tile or slate. Why almost, you ask? Because it seems to me that this is not the straw and cane, reed roof, which is much better than straw.

The only street in the village and the silence all around I think about 30 people live here, but where are all these people? Really Work?

Non-functioning pub, open it only on weekends and in the summer months, probably every day. I’m not particularly liking pubs, but here in the relaxed atmosphere of a mug of hot tea would not mind. And perhaps not only be of tea — the pub. By the way, this is the only surviving institution in the country. Previously there was another pub and three shops — has long been closed.

But this amazing house, gorgeous. It is an unusual design with a facade oval — something reminiscent of the ancient Celtic round houses, perhaps the house was built with this intent. Also with psevdosolomennoy roof, but it looks very cool. Also included is the canonically correct low stone fence. Here live the true, correct Irish.

Looking at those small windows immediately think of an absurd tax on the glass, which the British in the late 17th century, the Irish have imposed with the original purpose of collecting funds for the next war. The war ended, and the tax was well — much to the distress of the Irish until 1851.

Another interesting house, much more modest but authentic. I would certainly be happy to see the guests looked in interior and home environment in general. There clearly has an old fireplace, a simple neizyskannaya furniture, traditional layout and other beautiful entografichesky stuffing. It is understood that interests me is like a real family house, where people live, most likely the elderly and pensioners. However, insolently ask for a visit here is not very accepted, so we will wait for the right occasion and act more cunning. Probably should be transformed into a tourist-collector of folklore, traditions and legends as neulyuzhy Shura of the well-known film)

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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