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So, after almost three months in China, I flew to Korea Jeju-Shanghai flight. Such a long stay in one country was for me the first experience of this kind. Previously, I rarely spent more weeks in a row in one country, especially in the small countries of Europe, and this is usually not enough to learn the system. Booking hotels online (because you arrive late at night and look at the site do not want to), you can not see the whole market. With a busy schedule is not always the best prices in the supermarkets, and the cheapest rastorany pass. When pressed for time, you go on the fastest transport, rather than the cheapest. If you came for a few days, it makes no sense to buy a local SIM-card or to learn the language.
I know how the system works in China: how to read the menu in the dining room, how do you know a route bus, how to bargain at the hotel. Now I had to figure out how it’s all done in Korea.
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Korea is a country of high technology, much like Japan: LG, Samsung, and so on.The biggest technological innovation, I found there — the toilet in the bathroom Jeju airport with a control panel.Then these are not met even once.Internet Korea is slightly worse than in China, and above, on the other hand, nothing is locked.

In the same airport was very fashionable bright-controller. After China, Korea seems a village, which is surprising, because the population density is higher in Korea than in China! If you do not take into account micro-islands, the higher density only in two countries, Bangladesh and Taiwan. Only in five regions of China’s population density is higher. Here is the central square of the city of Jeju Island — the capital of the region. In the center a couple of streets with shops. A lot of contemporary art. The pictures on the walls. Most of Korea is similar to the US If not for the inscription on the Korean. Most hotels Here, too, it is called the motel. Korean motels are easily recognizable by the logo, similar to the steaming cauldron. At the same time the device Korean motels are ordinary hotel, many do not even have parking for cars (although there are real motels, where the ground floor is equipped check for cars directly to the reception). The first day I was a long walk around the city, studying all these motels, but nothing less 30,000 won (about $ 27) in Jeju not. All the Korean city built up a maximum of 50 years ago. Nothing like Pingyao or old European cities in Korea is not. The Cultural Revolution was not here, but the Japanese occupation from the beginning of the XX century, not the careful attitude to the culture of the invaders of Korea, the Korean War 1950-1953 were merciless, so that the ancient represented mainly by individual churches or palaces, and the historical town planning can only guess when he saw the ring road on the map. In Jeju, there is one such complex — the governor’s residence. One day, there was carried out a little festival. Security at the gate. Speech drummers. Demonstrations with a sword. The adults showed class in fencing. At a stroke, cut a few stalks of bamboo. Cuts the sheaves of hay. Dissecans in half a number of bottles of water. After the show, the artists photographed with their parents. With English language better in Korea than in China, but not very much. The Korean language has no kinship. It is the same complex system of politeness in Japanese, and a lot of borrowing from the Chinese. Koreans used to write characters, so knowing the Chinese, it was possible to understand many things, but now used alphabet and sounding guess problematic. For example, «Jeju Island», written in hieroglyphs, was read to in Chinese as «Jizhou,» and the last character on the plate («Facilities») in Chinese «guan», and Korean is written, «Kwan.» The Korean alphabet easiest to remember. The letter behind Latin, wherein like sounds correspond to similar letter. So, plain and aspirated consonants (in English transliteration they meet deaf / sonorous, and in Russian — the presence / absence of «x», that is, b = n, p = nx, j = h, ch = vx) is always distinguished by the fact that aspirated from additional horizontal line. Some signs still using an older version of the English transliteration (in the new it will be recorded as Sam Seong Hyeol) on TV then you can see a lecture on economics. Religion in Korea is a strange mixture of Buddhism … … Christianity … … and paganism. Food in Korea is an interesting, But one needs a trick. First, you are shocking prices in the store. Watermelon for $ 5 do not want to? If you think that the market is better, wrong. There’s still more. In general, once we in Korea, the home of «instant noodles», we must give it a try! He’s really in Korean called «Dosirak» worth 730 won — about 4 yuan, that is, in China. «Dosirak» — not the most popular brand in Korea, is rare and mostly in large supermarkets. On the left side of this photo got noodles «Cheese bokki», which I wholeheartedly recommend absolutely — this is the most delicious noodles in the world. But although Korea and the birthplace of dosa, in fact it is seafood country. It was in Korea, where the potato is 300 rubles per kilo, several times I ate lobster, which in all other countries, even the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia, prohibitively expensive. Two lobster cost $ 15, but if you wait hours until 9 pm, the price can throw up to $ 10. Shrimp and scallops are quite cheap. The whole dinner cost dollars in 16. Especially the last day on the island settled in the hostel (bunk 15,000 won, t .e. Hotel rooms cost the same), to use the kitchen. The restaurant is also possible to eat, that’s such an inexpensive restaurant. Pibimbap for 3500. The peculiarity of Korean restaurants that even the cheapest to any dish provide an unlimited amount of snacks such as spicy cabbage kimchi. This photograph was ordered rolls and dumplings, in the amount of dollars for 4. Maybe because of expensive vegetables and fruit on the popular Jeju gardens? Farmers tour the grounds on quad bikes.

On Jeju gorgeous sunsets.

And Jeju — especially the island of volcanoes and one of the seven wonders of nature.

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