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[:RU]Apsny — ancient Anakopiya …[:]


… Ancient Tower night silhouette,
as if wet pilgrim hat.
terraoko-2015120877 (1)

By rope ladder years of
thought went into the past unseen.
What did you see there, the poet,
through the curtain of snow and smoke?

Saddened, thrilled Do you
Why no response?
There is not naive vanity —

Without accepting the current Years,
Recover long life features,
like an old form of the sonnet …

Anatoly Krasnov

«Who was in New Athos and visited the Iberian mountain, like one who was in Rome and not see the Vatican Pope,» wrote to visit these places more than a hundred years ago, Anton Chekhov.

But the locals called this mountain is not the Iberian and Apsarskoy or Anakopia. «Anakopiya» translated from Abkhazian language means «rugged», «projection», «dissected steepness.» And the people spoke Greek, called it the Greek way — trachea, t. E. «Surovokremnistaya.» Entitled trachea Anakopiya appears in many sources.

If you climb to the top of the mountain before us, as once to the great writer, brought only the ruins of the old fortress. But once it was beautiful and the largest city on the Black Sea coast, the fortress city — the capital of the Abkhazian kingdom.
Anakopiya one of the earliest fortifications of Abkhazia. It was built by the Romans and Abazgs in IV — V centuries. However, in the interest and with the support of the Byzantines, a vassal of which were then Abazgia, Apsilia and Laz kingdom.

Gagra was to protect the rock edge of the invasion of the northern hordes, and Anakopiya — from the south.

Inside the citadel is crumbling early medieval temple. The presence of an early religious buildings here and say circumstantial evidence, such as the Vistula lead seal found on a hillside. On both sides of the press — the Greek monogram of the name Peter bishoprics. Printing relates to 6. On the slopes of the mountain, it might have been built and another temple, but by leaving only ruins.

The first church on the top of the mountain Anakopia was built in the VI-VII centuries and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, that. From the medieval Georgian annals of XI century., Describing the battle at the walls of Anakopii with the Arabs in the 30th of the VIII. It came certificate miraculous power Anakopia icon of Virgin Mary: «Not man-made writing and sent down from above, of which no one knows, who found him on top of the mountain …».

Later, in the XI century. the temple was rebuilt and dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Theodore of Tyrone. This is evidenced by epigraphic monuments found in the citadel.

For the temple is adjacent sedimentary well. He gouged into the rock and lined with limestone. In ancient times, it was going from the roof rainwater in our time water flows due to the formation of condensation on the cold walls of the tank from the warm moist air masses.

Well, this inexhaustible. He is considered one of the «miracles» the hill fortress. For a long time, it attracts many pilgrims.

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