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[:RU]People on the streets of Thailand.[:]

[:RU]During my travels I have done for thousands of photos of people from different countries.
And it is still interesting!
Today, look at how ordinary people live in the town of Songkhla in southern Thailand …

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Photo 2. There raschudesnye beaches — very wide, smooth. But swimmers can not see today’s windy. But to sit on a beach in the warm digging — a sweet deal.

Photo 3. In the city a lot of Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the small Chinese temples, there are entire Chinese streets, completely hung with round red Chinese lanterns.

Photo 4.

Photo 7. I think that tourists are not especially unusual, though people with European appearance people are very quick to react.

Photo 8.

Photo 9.

Photo 10.

Photo 11. .. some welcome on the go. There are some questions in the eyes — what is he doing here?

Photo 12. Normal shlemak. In which case, and protect against rain.

Photo 13. But the umbrella is still better. And not so much rain, much sun. As he did there prishpandoril something?

Photo 14.

Photo 15. Chinatowns with any other will not mix. And what I like!

Photo 16. secretly Thai? Chinese woman, Chinese? Variations are possible ..

17. Photo Snack of Lekha in the fish restaurant. For a long time could not explain what we want to master. We just poke a finger in here and showed the fish in the pan. He did not understand.

After five minutes of play, pantomime finally understood.
But when after twenty minutes brought the fish, it was not found. Refried to the state of the coal embers, with the incredible amount of any spices, condiments.
From the taste of the fish was nothing left!

Photo 18. schoolgirl.

Photo 19. garage motomasterskaya.

Photo 20.

Photo 21.

Photo 22.

Photo 23.

Picture 24. All the walls are covered with images of the king, from adolescence to the present day.

Photo 25. And then they are steamed about the shoes! On the streets of drought, no dirt, but the tradition — a tradition. And it concerns not only churches, but also ordinary shops.

Photo 26. The taxi driver. Such await at every corner and look with hope to everyone passing by.

Photo 27.

Photo 28.

Photo 29.

Photo 30. Again it. I passed a couple of times and both times had a violent reaction! I guess I am very comical look in their eyes.

Photo 31. sense of intimacy Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition to the Buddhist temples, are increasingly caught mosques.

Photo 32. I wonder is there anything the location relative to the star of the month? When he was on the side — it is more usual, but when the bottom?

Photo 33 against the direction of her camera is not so much against the woman as the man behind her. I had to remove.

Photo 34. The Thais, as a rule, are not afraid of the camera, but the more of them Muslims, so it becomes more difficult to remove.

Photo 35. In the evening wandered into the territory of the port. Watch the unloading of the ship. It was mostly plastic barrels, which probably store and transport fish and seafood.

Photo 36.

Photo 37. Particularly impressive it looked when several workers began to throw the barrel at a time. All of this action takes place against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset, so I could not stop and took off until the sun finally the village.

Photo 38.

Photo 39.

Photo 40. Perhaps this story is about the port workers deserves a separate post.

Photo 41.

Still, I wonder what is more interested in my readers — pictures of nature, landscapes and people’s lives.

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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