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[:RU]Prague for one day.[:]

[:RU]I went for a day in Prague. Fortunately the bus round trip from Warsaw to cost the 25 euros (arrived at 9am left at 8pm). Last time I was here six years ago.

terraoko-201512046 (4)

Perhaps now is the best time for a trip to Prague — out of season and almost complete lack of group tourists from CIS countries

The trip came spontaneously, but again I was more than a photographer guide Russian tourists in general, successfully replaced the rich Asians and Indians driving around on Segway of the souvenir stalls gone one character, but in Moscow opposite picture The weather was lucky


The city became more beautiful than before, and the streets are no longer resemble the Moscow metro in chaspik

Almost everything has to be paid, St. Vitus Cathedral for tickets, Golden Lane, too, straight Disneyland

Prices of course increased significantly — from only beer available there, at 80-100 rubles in Moscow for a long time did not pour

I’ll call soon More :)

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