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[:RU]How to produce the Su-34[:]

[:RU]Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. Chkalov — one of the largest enterprises in Russia Aircraft Manufacturing, part of the company «Sukhoi». In the early 90s the factory began to develop a fighter-bomber Su-34 generation 4+. Since 2006, the serial production of these machines. As of October 2015 the Russian Air Force is 73 units.

Currently, the Su-34 aircraft are taking part in the fighting in Syria.

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1. According to NATO classification bomber Su-34 received a code word Fullback («Defender»). The aircraft is designed primarily for the destruction of the land forces, air defense and enemy ships.

2. According to their combat capabilities of the Su-34 aircraft belongs to a generation «4+». Compete in close air combat with fighter bombers, most can not. It affects more weight and less flexibility. But this aircraft combines speed and agility with fighter bomber strike capabilities.

3. Workshop aggregate assembly of Su-34.

4. Assembling the air intake duct.


6. Quality control dowel.

7. In the dock stocks produce three fragments of the future of the machine: the head part and the tail part of the air intake.

8. Total Su-34 contains 57 thousand pieces.


10. Installation of the built-in cannon armament caliber 30 mm ammunition and 150 rounds.

11. After checking the fuselage for leaks («sprinkling»), the product enters the final assembly shop.


13. Preparation for riveting.

14. In the past year they NAE. Chkalov released 18 machines, the plan for 2015 equivalent.

15. Piping systems of the aircraft.


17. The process of riveting one machine takes about 2.5 months.

18. The average age of the core team of workers and specialists of the plant is 40 years.

19. When the fuselage is ready to start business systems and installers of equipment in their hands the machine becomes a «living» organism, acquiring all the necessary systems.


21. NAE them. Chkalov employs more than 7 thousand. Man, guarantees salary of about 40 thousand. Rubles.


23. In addition to defense contracts, since 2004, the company jointly with Russian and foreign partners is working on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSj-100) — Russian regional aircraft. The plant manufactures the nose and tail sections of fuselages and horizontal and vertical tail.

24. Assembling the horizontal stabilizer — Stabilizer liner.

25. Despite the automation of many production processes, trade and garbage-klёpalschik Fitter still remain the most popular in the Aircraft Manufacturing production.

26. After the assembly aggregate fuselage and tail unit are sent to its final assembly at Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Khabarovsk Territory) branch of JSC «Sukhoi Civil Aircraft» (kanafeh).

27. Returning to the Su-34.

Before delivery of the product to the customer aircraft factory produces tests that last for about two months. Tests are carried out outside the settlements at a distance of about 150-170 km from Novosibirsk.

28. During a test flight on the machine are tested 350 modes. Checks overall performance of the aircraft systems, engines and airborne radar equipment. Flight check on the quality of the machine is extremely low and most high-altitude supersonic mode.

29. The crew of the 34-ki consists of two people — a navigator and pilot. They sit on the sides of each other. The compact arrangement of seats pilot and navigator allows crew members to leave the alternate work chair and relax in zakabinnogo compartment, straightened to his full height.

Because of the flattened nose of the fuselage of the Su-34 was nicknamed «Duckling».

30. The tail boom is placed radar rearview and auxiliary power unit (APU), which allows you to run the engine without an additional power source on the ground. Have APU expands the number of airbases and makes pilots more comfortable — no need to wait for the launch of the main engines, to achieve the optimum temperature in the cabin.

31. Multi-range radar survey of air targets up to 120 km escort allows up to 10 objects and to fire four goals simultaneously.

32. Cab made ​​in the form tselnobronirovannoy capsule with titanium armor (thickness up to 17 mm), the supply tank and armored aircraft. In total, the plane nearly a half ton of armor — which dramatically increases the «vitality» of the machine and security-in crew.

33. On the Su-34 Turbofan engines are fitted with an adjustable nozzle AL-31F. They allow the aircraft to pick up speed up to 1900 km / h. They are made ​​on the Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) and JSC SPC «Salute»

34. The maximum take-off weight of the aircraft is 45 tons, exceeding the range of 2000 km. The bomber is equipped with in-flight refueling system, which allows you to further increase the range of flight.

35. The aircraft is capable of rising to a height of 15 km and carry up to eight tons of payload — 12 missiles «air-land» or «air-air», as well as rockets and bombs.

36. The first Su-34 were used during the war in South Ossetia as a cover actions strike aircraft, conducting electronic warfare with the elements of the Georgian air defenses.

Now made in Novosibirsk bombers taking part in a military operation in Syria, Russia to attack rebel positions LIH.

37. The cost of the aircraft Su-34 — 1.5 billion rubles.

Under the current state arms program, the Air Force should receive 124 aircraft by 2020 and replace them the Su-24. Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!

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