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[:RU]What — Rockabilly Dance in Tokyo?[:]

[:RU]In Tokyo, there are a lot of strange and incomprehensible to Western man things — they give the city the charm that attracts tourists from around the world. Today I will talk about one such fad Tokyo — Sunday dancing rockabilly.

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It happens every Sunday in the Park with a funny name Yoyogi which Rural location near the station Harajuku.

What I have not been in Tokyo, every time I try to come here on Sunday to look at this cheerful crowd.

In the afternoon, at the entrance to the park begin to gather dandies dressed in the style of informal 1950s. Black leather jackets, sunglasses, jeans, slinky, and always black boots with high heels.

Many of them extravagant plumes style pompadour enshrined hairspray. The boys are ready — wrapped shoes and boots of black electrical tape. Not sure why this is — probably to less sole slipped while dancing.

Most of them are men (many on view 35-40), but there are also women. I understand there are several clubs involved in this case — each sewn inscription on the back, and each time I see a new one. «Levels», «Strangers», «Drunkers», and of course most of eminent — «Tokyo Rockabilly Club».

Each group brings its column. Sometimes they come few and they are competing, one louder than the music, who better dances who will gather more than audience sympathy. After an hour of lazy guys preparations include music and begin to dance.

Their dance — a mixture of the twist, rock and roll and breakdance. They Kanz in a circle, back to the audience as if only for each other. (It is clear that in fact it is not, why else would come in the most prominent place of the park.)

Each group has a couple of «stars» who excrete the most difficult tricks. The rest tend to crumple on the ground, creating a crowd. I’ve noticed a pattern — the steeper the hairstyle, the better dancer. Usually it is the boys’ with the experience, «he forty. In the hands of these leather gloves, so you can without harming the hands fall on the pavement (it is a popular movement of the dancers).

Audiences are going to photograph — the event is quite well-known, although the first time I got on it by coincidence. Dancers pretend they do not notice, avoiding eye contact. But, God forbid, someone from the audience to dance, too, will begin by catchy music — to him immediately and asked podbegut language and gestures to stop immediately. Only members can here to dance.

As it happens in Harajuku, take a look at the dancers wander overdressed and local characters.

The girls also dance.

So yeah, if you’re in Tokyo (and I recommened to go there), it is not applicable to come back on Sunday in Yoyogi Park, look at these guys.

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