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[:RU]Ayia Thekla — four in one: kiprcky market, the beach and the small church with catacombs[:]

[:RU]Somehow one Cypriot morning we accidentally turned off the road between Ayia Napa and Larnaca. This turnaround was a success, since we first got on the amazing local market, located at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, then swim at the local beach, and then went to the ancient catacombs at the local beautiful churches.

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All this happened in an impromptu late November last year. A place called the Ayia Thekla (Ayia Thekla). With all the abundance of adventure at last year’s trip, this place has managed to please me and to be remembered. I hasten to share it with you!


Modern Cyprus develops according to special laws. Now here it is more tied for tourism and it has become an important driving force that transforms the island. If an important local route passes close to the sea and there is a natural beach, sooner or later, life here boils. Beach prosper, must appear next to a couple of decent local restaurants and hotels.


But Ayia Thekla was even luckier. At the time, it is a lonely place noticed Orthodox Christians. Cutting down the rock grotto inside, they found the source.


It was enough to create a secret refuge from their enemies, whom has always been enough. Over time, a small grotto transformed into the cell of a monk that he was buried there.


Naturally, and the place itself and the source became saints having some miraculous power. Even in more recent times a number of Cypriots have built a small but very beautiful church. Place here really has a special magnetism.


Tourism component too, was not party to this place. Sandy beach put in order, cleaned the seabed near the station was equipped with parking and lifeguards. In the summer here now it seems certain people do not see. In November in Ayia Thekla almost as deserted as it was in the days when the local Christians were hiding here.


The only exception is unfolded near the bazaar. In November, come here on the weekends the locals to buy Chinese or Turkish stuff.


In the neighborhood and started selling food. The choice for the visitor is meager and uninteresting. Souvenir at this time no one is trading.


But it’s a real live marketplace, located right next to the Mediterranean Sea. Only this one fact gives an extraordinary charm of this market, allocating it from a million others around the world. Separately, the local beach, the market, the church and the catacombs is not very interesting, but in coupe get something original.


We first went to the market by buying yourself something for the evening, then swim in the sea More tёmlom November, and only then looked into the dark cave-burial to the source and do a little photo shoot a very beautiful church. Two hours passed unnoticed here, leaving a pleasant memory of the almost total seclusion and calmness of the place.


Such Cyprus without fuss and tourist crowds remained in my memory. Do not be afraid to rest here in November! It is a time of transformation island, and the remains of the summer heat can still feel warm and far away from the problems and depression late autumn …


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