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[:RU]Secrets and Treasures of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome.[:]

[:RU]What kind of sights you remember in the first place when it comes to Rome? The Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and of course St. Peter’s. There we went, and after a visit to the Vatican Museum.



The square in front of the cathedral and the cathedral itself, of course, are already on the territory of the Vatican, that is wrapped, even accidentally, with the narrow streets of Rome to this large area, you can safely add his kopilochku another country. Well, if friends and family will not believe you, send them otkrytochku from the heart of the Catholic world.

2. The area in front of the cathedral.
IMG_1777 imp13
More day there was a huge queue of those wishing to get into the temple, inside, for sure, was packed. But in the evening, all significantly thinned out and we were completely painless to the cathedral. But if you suddenly decide to do the same, I ask you to remember that the custodians of a sudden can begin to collect their belongings and hurried to expel tourists of the cathedral, which can very adversely affect the digestion of food spiritual.

IMG_1784 imp13
So, we go.

4. St. Peter’s Basilica.
IMG_1773 imp135. On the frieze of the Church is a mosaic inscription with the words of Christ: «You — Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell prevail against it; and I will give thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. »
IMG_1789 imp13
Inside, space and individual galaxies can call her … «Pieta» by Michelangelo. She is beautiful, I have been waiting for a meeting with her, afraid that will not be ready, but a meeting with the ideal can not be prepared. Genius, talent, skill, truth, harmony — everything, what only can and should strive to man, everything in it was merged into a single form. Copies of the «Pieta» can be found in many Catholic churches in the world, even in the Vatican Museum one set. When I saw her there, even upset, I stand in front and do not feel anything, that’s absolutely! At that time I did not know that it is a copy, thinking that the original and at the same time did not want to believe it, in the end, my instinct did not disappoint. The original, of course, is in the cathedral.

6. Pieta. Michelangelo.
IMG_1793 imp137.
IMG_1798 imp13
Inside the temple mass altars, statues, gravestones, this is for example, a tombstone of Pope Leo XII. After reading a bit about it, I can not say that delighted his personality. Let’s start with the fact that elected him, hoping for his demise, and he suddenly perked up and lived for six years, during which time the Jews of Rome were again driven into the ghettos, the papal police relentlessly followed the customs of the city flourished denunciation and espionage.

8. Tomb of Leo XII.
IMG_1799 imp13
Innocent XII distinguished himself destroyed the practice of nepotism. What does it mean? And the fact that future popes had no right to give away cash position, titles and lands to his relatives. In my opinion, quite rightly.

9. Pope Innocent XII.
IMG_1804 imp1310.
IMG_1807 imp13
IMG_1808 imp13

12. 29-meter ciborium.
IMG_1812 imp13

13. The huge dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, built for the project by Michelangelo. Its diameter — 42 m.
IMG_1816 imp13

In addition to the sculptures of numerous popes, there are statues and saints. I was impressed by the statue of Saint Longinus, according to legend, he pierced side of Christ crucified during the execution, thus freeing him from suffering.

14. St. Longinus, the author of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
IMG_1819 imp1315. The central nave of the cathedral.
IMG_1821 imp13
16. ciborium.
IMG_1822 imp13

17. Bronze gratings on the floor secret cellars of the cathedral, who knows what else he kept it secret.
IMG_1825 imp13

IMG_1829 imp13

19. With this chair, on giving, preached Saint Peter.
IMG_1833 imp13

But not only sculptures and monuments here has a story, the cathedral itself has passed the hard way opposition views, tastes, beliefs. The Greek cross, which served as the base of the building and then transformed into a Latin, of course, for the church, it was a question of principle. Almost all the famous Italian architects had to work on this piece of art called, the temple!

IMG_1835 imp1321.
IMG_1840 imp13
IMG_1846 imp13

IMG_1851 imp13

Go to the cathedral can be infinite, moving from one aisle to another, constantly finding some new facilities for close viewing. Remember, I said that at the end we had to hurry rangers, but now I realize how much time we had, it still would not be enough. But at least we have not touched for a long time to eternity, to the genius and originality.

IMG_1858 imp13

IMG_1863 imp13
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