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[:RU]A prototype of «Resident Evil»: Nazi underground factory in Osovke (Poland).[:]

[:RU]The second hour of walking on infernal underground factory, set up by the Nazis in the mountains, near the border with Czechoslovakia, I had a déjà vu. Somewhere in the endless tunnels and destroyed the lab I’ve seen. But this is impossible, I have not ever been in such places. Remembered. In the movie I saw in my time in the legendary blockbuster «Resident Evil» with Milla Jovovich in the title role. Googling, I was not surprised when I read that the filmmakers really have this place as a prototype for a future film. In 1943-45, when there was a crisis in the war in favor of the USSR and its allies, Hitler gave instructions to speed up the creation of weapons of mass destruction (including bacteriological and nuclear), and therefore in the southern Silesia was created by a network of underground factories, laboratories and test sites , dubbed the «Giant project.» Tens of thousands of prisoners of concentration camp Gross-Rosen and Auschwitz were brought here to work in the mines. Accidents, dying of hunger and inhuman conditions of work by hundreds of prisoners died every day and replaced them were brought new …

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We spent the night in the town of Gold Mountain, is only half an hour drive from the underground of the complex is

However, the path was more difficult than anticipated. Asphalt soon turned into a dirty primer and I heartily wished a brand new car that looked so cute clean —

By the way, you’ll probably laugh, but the first time I drove the car to the parking camera! Really. And I did not even know that Skoda Octavia she also established. Unfold in reverse, turn my head out of habit, and suddenly some kind of «cinema» is shown on the monitor, it is very reminiscent of a place where we brought it hard. Plus this warning voice, saying, cautiously approaching object, and so on. I must admit that modern trends very comfortable with them but we need to understand, devoted to the study of automobile «a feature» at least half an hour —

Your servant seems to have quite behind the times, and not only in cell phones (as you may remember, I went to Nokia’s three calls to smatrfon Motorola a year ago), but also in cars. I used to like? In the eye only, and if in doubt, it came out, I looked back and turn around. Or you send a companion guide and she shouts: «Just a little to the left, stop!». Just kidding. And yet not kidding, there was everyone.

As we have already began to think that we’re going the wrong way (and no signs!), Suddenly appeared in the forest-specific construction —

Bingo arrived —

A site visit is even possible only with a guide and nothing else. Fortunately, just then I was a Polish artist, and I joined them —

Unprepossessing entrance, is one of about twenty available —

Once inside the tunnels there are numerous bunkers with machine-gun nests. This plant has several lines of defense, both external (in the forest) and directly in —

One such machine-gun nests inside the plant. The entire perimeter of the room and all the view and sweep. None of the workers managed to escape from the dungeon, in the end, all were killed —

Security room —

As already mentioned, the work continued until 1945, when Soviet troops were already on the way. Hitler did not give up hope to have time to complete his «project of the century», but fortunately this did not happen. The network of underground factories had not been completed —

The tunnels were to be concrete —

Somewhere a kilometer walk we get to the factory floor —

There still remained formwork for concrete filler at the top —

Collected by local diggers relics —

Part of the complex is flooded by groundwater —

It was assumed that the underground plant looks quite civilized, and not in a cave —

Preserved pump for pumping water —

Moving on —

The tour lasts about two hours, and during the summer period, these tunnels when water becomes smaller — even offered a ride by boat on the flooded parts of the plant. However, as told to the guide, in the past, during the boat tour person died and so such walks suspended. I do not care realized what happened, because it is not strong in Poland. Either something has fallen off his head, then he fell out of the boat.

To the exit —

A few kilometers from the plant is a tiny underground cities Volim (Wolim), at the sight of which raises the question — what is this massive ruins of buildings dominating the settlement? It would be better I am not digging on the Internet in search of an answer. The fact that it is the ruins of a metallurgical plant which is not functioning at the end of the thirties. But this plant was transformed into a «branch» Gross-Rosen concentration camp. At the plant kept prisoners-fitting here to work underground. Every day at half past four in the morning they drove on the way to work, and at eight o’clock drove back. At the plant contained about 2 500 workers, and every day the trucks were delivered from the new Gross-Rosen instead gibnuvshih in faces —

We stopped at the roadside. My companion fair to say that it is rather tired mentally from all seen under the ground and the plant will not go. Then we have agreed as follows: it will take a walk in the center of town, and I’m going to plant fifteen minutes.

As a result, a visit to this place is not creepy place. As soon as I climbed into the hole in the fence as a pack of vicious dogs there, snarling rushing in my direction. I had to quickly leave this place —

Later I read that the Polish Ministry of Culture thinks turn this place into a kind of memorial to the victims of Nazism —

In general, the town quite nice and coloring —

Here perfectly preserved traditional German buildings. As we all know, before the war, Silesia was part of Germany, and then only as a result of the division of Germany moved Poland —

In this town life came to a standstill. Whether dismal ruins of the former concentration camp put pressure on the psyche of the citizens, whether here depression due to lack of work, but every second was met by a man on the face of all signs of the chronic alcoholism …

Another, alas, the Nazi object is located a half hour from the underground plant. The ancient castle Fürstenstein (Kschanch in Polish) is under a few kilometers of tunnels. It is here that Hitler was planning to build his private residence after the (successful) war. The works lasted from 1943 to 1945 and here, too-fit concentration camp prisoners, none of whom survived. Unfortunately, we did not have time to tour under the castle, already dusk —

The castle was damaged by Allied bombing in 1945 and largely rebuilt. But the sculpture in front of it stored in the original form, what they caught the Soviet troops in March 1945, troops of the First Ukrainian Front —

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