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[:RU]5 best ways to unseat colleague.[:]

[:RU]To hell with ethics. Let us tell you something about how to unseat a colleague … It is easy and simple. Besides — forewarned is forearmed, and it is possible that the description of these methods will help them survive when they are directed at yourself …

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1. Discrediting as colleagues.

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It must be the most time consuming, and at the same time the most effective way.
Once in our agency one of the consultants involved in the search for managers at the factory processed cheese. The order was quite bold, and some calls could earn the average salary taxi driver in six months. He went to him for past services, but it does not execute it in a hurry. Pick up the phone and call the right people did not let laziness felts, felts pulled hard multi-ton cargo of thoughts about the meaninglessness of life unbearable. I, at least, it happens often. The project manager was not happy, but entreaties to nothing lead. As a result, one of our all took over, he made ​​those calls, and then invite people to a meeting. The cruel blow to the professional reputation of the consultant was provided.

By analogy with this example, be observant, and if you see that your colleague kosyachit, with the care of mama do all the work for him, and report on the results of the authorities. 2. Discrediting as a person.

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— Dad congratulated me, I’m running for class president.
— Well done! What problems will raise? Already made ​​the program?
— Oh, it’s boring! But I dismissed the rumors about what my opponent Billy have a vagina!
— And it can work!

(Dialogue from the movie The Campaign)

There most certainly provide fertile ground corporate parties and informal tusy. Podpoit, gossiped, turned tail.

— So he called me a yellow fish?
— Yes, yes! And yet — an earth worm!

3. Forgery.

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Everyone, even the most honest and hard-working staff are their doorsteps. Eventually, reports that many have to write adjusted to the desired reality, embellished as the appearance of the bride in Photoshop in a photo shoot with the wedding.

Withdrawal to clean water, as if by chance, it is desirable at the general meeting may be stained the reputation of a good colleague. The key is to make it look as if the replica was thrown casually and not out of malice.

3. Simulation of incitement to suicide.

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Of course, I priuvelichivayu, but many, especially the girls and good at Jews suffer from injustice. Demonstrative postaradanie, especially if it is accompanied by a convincing actor’s game, will help set up against the «aggressor,» the whole team.

I do not know how I managed it, but I have several times found himself the victim of such a manipulation. Once thrown casually completely innocent remark clearly played out the game because of my colleagues against me, Monster, our whole department. Fortunately, I did not care what he thinks about me Department and duties I performed well and survive I did not succeed.

5. Perversion views.

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Correctly played out a reaction to the human relations can distort them beyond recognition, and spoil the bud.

So sincere and honest compliment can be converted to grovel and hypocrisy, indifference — in contempt, the news — in the scandal.

— How do you look lovely today, L. Tigraina!
(No, did you hear? How suck as suck!)
— I heard Ivanov was born triplets. That’s lucky, he plucked a bouquet of flowers of life.
(You’ve heard it mocked the unhappy mother? It’s necessary to be a nasty bastard)

So this is the main, from what I remembered. What other ways to unseat a colleague you know?

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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