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[:RU]Exotic Reilly in Thailand.[:]

[:RU]We hire Krabi boat and sailed to the peninsula Reilly.
It is rumored to have great beaches, but from all over the world, he fenced off by high cliffs and jungle land on him not to get — so read the internet ..

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Photo 1.

From Lehinogo diary:

In Raleigh sailed directly from the pier on the waterfront of the city, a large boat, takes on board immediately 8 passengers waited did not have enough visitors.
They sailed about half an hour, have seen quite a lot of deserted beaches are not populated — access to any and feels Robinson.

On the peninsula landed in a big bay was just low tide, and the bottom of her naked, moored boat was standing on the sand along the coast were on high roots of mangrove bushes.

Photo 2.

Photo 4.

Photo 5. Beauty around kick-ass! But the beauty of the neighborhood had to pay a huge amount of tourists civilized, they were more than we expected. We went to a beach — the people of darkness, on the other — the same thing.

Photo 6. There Climbing is very popular. There are a few firms that provide rental snaryagu, you can hire an instructor. It is, however, expensive.

Photo 7.

Photo 8. Already at the very end of civilization gone, and there are also bars and cottages on a steep slope, and even the beach is not present, so they have a swimming pool near the house. Nowhere to put the tent. Dragged back on a great beach. While walking in search of a place, dark, with people moved to the beach bars and restaurants on the banks of almost empty.

Photo 9.

Photo 10. By the way, in the monkeys are found grove. We have walked, saw a whole flock, of all ages and sizes. It’s funny to watch the wild obezyanami, people in general are not afraid to take their food with it!

Photo 11. Old monkeys. View of a Buddhist monk. You can not say about the habits)

Photo 12. Take water treatment, it is too hot ..

Photo 13.

Photo 14.

Photo 15.

Photo 16. While looking for a place for a tent, came upon a sports ground, where local playing your favorite game Sepak Takro.

Photo 17.

Photo 18.

Photo 19. Along the shore of a bunch of bars and fish restaurants.

Photo 20.

Photo 21.

Photo 22. Found a hiding place under a bush, and settled there. A beach is a class — wide, the sand is simply unrealistic fine, if passed through the mixer! Sunset in the water smooth, very warm water, swimming is great!

Later I’ll show taymlepsy shot at this site.
At night there is much more pleasant than during the day.

Photo 23. In the morning once again convinced that our place is the best in the county, on the right and the left, closer to the rocks at the bottom of a lot of coral, and are generally very small. In other places, too, rocks and coral. People, of course, full day, sunbathe almost beside the tents, but we especially nobody pays attention. There are problems with electricity and water, the latter have to buy, but is more expensive here than on the main continent.

Photo 24.

Photo 25. Hotels Glamour, are expensive, from 2500 rubles per night, and more. Asked pozaryazhat nearest phone, so then did not want to give the demanded 50 baht, had to pay.

In general, the place is intended to be an expensive vacation, tent almost no firewood, too, have to buy water.
Supper walk in a street restaurant, breakfast fast noodles. Pretends rich white mister, we try not to stand out.

Photo 26.

Photo 27.

Photo 28. The next day, I climbed to the top of the peninsula. There, in the failure of the rock, there is a secluded place with a lake. To get to it people with poor physical training is unlikely to succeed, but getting there is worth it.

Photo 29. This is just a couple of pictures for the seed, show the lagoon in a separate post.

Photo 30.

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