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[:RU]One of the most dangerous bridges in the world[:]

[:RU]Kuandinsky bridge over the Vitim River — one of the worst road bridges in the world. It is located in the Trans-Baikal region. The bridge is not put into operation, although it is worth more than 30 years. All of them are at your own risk.

The bridge is about half a kilometer, and the width is almost equal to the wheelbase of the car. Railings and fences no no. On mmetallicheskuyuosnovu simply distribute sleepers, not connected among themselves. Over the river walks a strong wind. In order not to rock the car, we have to open the windows and to reduce windage.

Kuanda village, where the bridge once considered «Minor capital of BAM», and now, like many remote villages slowly dying. Double Bridge Kuandinsky experienced fires (say, for some unknown reason, it burned the locals). Under the cut pictures of the bridge, as well as a spherical panorama. You can twist it, closer and horrified …

terraoko-201511114 (5)

The second half of the bridge is made even more or less normal (well, as much as a word to apply to this construction). But it looks like the beginning of a very scary: some sleepers sketched widely from each other and there is a risk to fail wheels:



We took a board and nailed in the most dangerous sections:


In front of each machine I went and led the movement of people:



After the «equator» of the bridge has been easier to go:


Both bridges with quadrocopters:



Until crossed, on a nearby bridge swept train:


Stickers of different expeditions:


Surprisingly, despite its obvious dangers on the Internet are no reports of any accidents or tragedies on Kuandinskom bridge. This is partly explained by the fact that the movement here, to put it mildly, not very intense:



In general, we safely crossed the bridge:


It was not so bad as the look at first glance:


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