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[:RU]Seven Japanese superstition[:]

[:RU]Practical application of Japanese «houses» than guilty and seals as sleep is associated with cows?

One summer evening in Tokyo under the cicadas and the ringing of bells, furin were talking about what superstitions are still alive in Japan. Around Shinto shrines in the neighborhood of skyscrapers, fast trains and traditional cuisine — different times, it seems, exist side by side peacefully. During that same Japanese still believe irrationally?

As it turned out, the younger generation does not believe 30 is almost nothing, except «Late for work — unfortunately: the chief scold.» But older people can learn a lot more.

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To begin with — the universal power of the world, storm mice and kings of the Internet. Seals! Black cats in Japan fear in the same way as we do. Black cat crossed the road — unfortunately («That and look, be late for work» — a frightened whisper salaryman, looking around). Russian tricks like «hold on to the button, and then does not count!» Or «turn around counterclockwise three times,» is unknown. Black cats — thunderstorm islands and continents.


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Continuing the theme of animals have the perfect, pure Japanese superstition. If you go to bed immediately after a meal, turn into a cow! True, true — it is true to each other saying, «Do not sleep, Makoto, the cow will become!» Where does this sign appeared to explain none of the Japanese and could not — for themselves cows simply walk and chew all the time, but like them not accepted an afternoon nap. It is interesting how the nation survived a centuries-old tradition to arrange a siesta? We will try to find out and tell you.


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If you eat mёga, then certainly something to forget. What mёga? It turns out, is a Japanese ginger — not the root marinated, served with sushi, and quite another. Myoga — it shoots and buds are used as a seasoning for miso soup or, for example, fried eggplant. So we advise you look closely at your forgetful friends — suddenly they are too lean to the first meal of authentic restaurants?


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— If you see lightning, you need to cover up his hands navel.

— What for?

— Well, to hide the navel by lightning, that’s hard to understand?

— Did lightning strike the navel, if it sees?

— No, do not hit, but through the stomach into the body to penetrate unwanted electricity.

Like this!

Party Light

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If you sleep with your head to the north, you will lose a fortune. In the world there are different versions with different sides of the world — someone advises to sleep head to the south, one to the west. Maybe in Japan from the north winds blow cold and selling ears? Heating some descendants of the samurai is not allowed. We do not know. But the main thing you remember — if sleep, but not after eating moo-oo!

Reptiles and insects

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Lizards are considered to be the keepers of the house — still, if they like to sit in the evenings at the door. Some owners are lucky — their home is guarded by just two, or even three individuals. Sitting at the entrance, on guard midges from the night lamp — no house will not fly! Spiders, in principle, also be useful in this case. But not all pretty. If, however, thinking of the eight-swat, you know: in the morning you can not kill spiders — no luck. Day and night you can. Be patient.


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If you whistle at night or play the flute, crawling snake! It sounds like something even reasonable. Snake house — it seems to be pretty unpleasant. Curiously, the ideas about the «Do not whistle — the money whistler» the Japanese do not have the money and whistles are not connected to the eastern mind. Only snakes.

In general, if you suddenly do not have enough of his will — can be used along with the Japanese. They are, however, not very many positive superstitions — affect the rigors of life on the islands. But if you have to convince someone not to snore in the afternoon — eerily horned image is useful, but if there was a nuisance — the Japanese eat ginger, and all will be forgotten. Until next time!

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